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This Night Vision Monocular Lets You See in Full-Color in Extremely Low Light

Duovox Ultra Monocular 0 Hero
Photo: Duovox

Ever wish you could use the night vision mode on your phone or camera without it looking like you’re trying to make a Blair Witch sequel? Sure, seeing and filming in the dark can be achieved with a lantern or flashlight, but oftentimes we need something less obtrusive when embarking on night hikes or perusing an environment undetected — and without compromising our own eyes’ adjustment to the low light. Likewise, when it comes to filmmaking and content creation, natural light usually looks more…natural…compared to external sources. Now there’s a device that can aid you after dusk without distorting the chromatic integrity of your surroundings.

Duovox Ultra Monocular 1
Photo: Duovox

Enter Duovox Ultra, a monocular specifically made to see at nighttime, with military-grade aluminum construction and an IPX4 dustproof and waterproof rating. In just 0.001 lumens of visible light, the device allows you to see in full-color thanks to the F1.2 aperture and 850NM IR illuminator that’s utilized by seven built-in infrared modes. You can either focus manually or tap the 5x optical zoom or 10x digital zoom for viewing subjects up to 1,650ft. And if you do want the Blair Witch effect, you can achieve that when it’s completely dark as well. Additionally, the unit boasts 10 hours of runtime and comes equipped with 128GB of memory, allowing you to store up to 120 minutes of 1080 full HD footage and 1,000 images. 

Duovox Ultra Monocular 2
Photo: Duovox

If you’re into the filmmaking aspect of the Duovox Ultra, you can connect the device to your phone to use it as a monitor. Otherwise, the footage can be viewed on the high-contrast 2-inch TFT screen. Before semi-recent advancements in digital technology, it wasn’t uncommon for filmmakers to use techniques for finding color during the night. “Day for night” is one such technique where daytime footage was tinted in order to simulate a scene at night. And while night vision tech still has a long way to go to find utility in big-budget Hollywood pictures, a device like the Duovox Ultra is perfect for the world of content creation and personal use — and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

Duovox Ultra Monocular 3
Photo: Duovox

To nab the early bird deal on Kickstarter, you need to act fast. Right now, the Duovox Ultra monocular is available for just $167, down from the $399 retail price.