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Bigscreen Just Made the Smallest and Lightest VR Headset in the World

Big Screen VR Glasses 0 Hero
Photo: Bigscreen Beyond

If you’re getting hardcore into VR, you’ll want your headset of choice to be as small and comfortable as possible. Bigscreen, a virtual reality platform that’s garnered over 6 million users since launching in 2016, has debuted its very first headset using its years of expertise.

Big Screen VR Glasses 1
Photo: Bigscreen Beyond

Challenging an industry where big and bulky is the norm, the new Bigscreen Beyond also happens to be the lightest and smallest VR headset in existence, weighing just a quarter of an ounce and stretching just 5.63” in length and 52.4mm in width (25mm at its thinnest point). Likewise, these goggles favor comfort more than anything else, with you a cushion that’s custom-made according to each user’s face. Using the TrueDepth sensor and 3D scanning from your phone, the accompanying phone app measures the shape of your face and your interpupillary distance.

Big Screen VR Glasses 2
Photo: Bigscreen Beyond

Perhaps even more impressive are the visual capabilities of the headset, with 5K OLED microdisplays and advanced pancake optics for impeccable clarity and compactness. Other notable specs are the 90° × 93° field of view, a 28 PPD, and a 90Hz refresh rate.

Big Screen VR Glasses 3
Photo: Bigscreen Beyond

Available for pre-order now, the Bigscreen Beyond headset is priced at $999 and will run on an RTX 2070 or AMD RX 5700 XT processing unit. Head over to the product page for more information on device requirements.