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Apple Unveils Its First Mixed Reality Headset: The Apple Vision Pro

Apple Vision Pro 0 Hero
Photos: Apple

Remember how long those lines used to be outside of Apple stores whenever there was a new release? Well, it’s been almost a decade since the brand released something totally new (the Apple Watch in 2015), so Apple’s next new product announcement has been highly anticipated. Especially since rumors about an Apple VR/AR headset have been circulating for nearly a decade as well, but after some delays and deliberation, it’s finally here: The Apple Vision Pro, a mixed-reality headset that blends the digital world with the physical world, and you’ll likely see some tents outside your local Apple store when it drops early 2024.

Apple Vision Pro 1
Photo: Apple

After donning the headset, the familiar and intuitive user interface Apple is known for will greet you, integrating itself seamlessly into the physical space you’re in, and all you need is your voice, eyes, and hands to navigate it. The apps displayed react to light, cast shadows, and will feel more immersive than a projector or a traditional VR headset. The size of photos and videos can be adjusted so you can turn your living room into a gallery or a movie theater, enhanced by spatial audio. But it’s not all fun and games; augmented reality allows you to create a workspace anywhere you are, and Facetime will feel more personal with larger and crisper visuals.

Apple Vision Pro 2
Photo: Apple

This compact headset introduces Apple’s first spatial operating system (Vision OS) and a new processor (the Apple R1) specifically designed for the product, along with the M2 chip that came out in 2022. The laminated glass is encased in an aluminum frame, with a soft and flexible cushion around the eyes and the adjustable headband. Additionally, the headset is modular, so you can get a fit that’s right for you, and a small rechargeable battery pack provides up to 2 hours of use on a single charge. It also has Bluetooth connectivity, so other Apple products like the MacBooks and the Magic Keyboard are integrated seamlessly.

Apple Vision Pro 3
Photo: Apple

The Apple Vision Pro will start at $3,499 and is expected to release early next year.