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Anker’s Impressive 548 Power Bank Is Ultra Compact and Affordable

Anker 548 Power Bank 0 Hero
Photo: Anker

Typically, in order to have access to power off-grid or in emergency situations for days at a time, you’ll have to invest in a decidedly cumbersome appliance that will likely cost you a decent amount of money. For reference, last year, Anker came out with its 757 Powerhouse power station which boasted industry-leading longevity and performance. However, while compact, that unit was priced in the range of $1,400 and was a bit overkill for your standard power outage or weekend camping trip. Fortunately, the company has now come out with a great solution for your sanity as well as your wallet.

Anker 548 Power Bank 1
Photo: Anker

The Anker 548 Power Bank is affordable, small, and can be carried with a handle up top. It won’t have the number of charging ports as the 757, but it can still give you enough power to fully charge a single iPhone 14 ten times over or a MacBook Air almost 3 times over. With a 192Wh battery inside that lasts for 3,000 charging cycles at a 60,000mAh capacity, the bank features two USB-A and USB-C ports for simultaneously charging four devices but also has a solar input that attaches to solar panels to ensure that it stays fully charged when outside.

Anker 548 Power Bank 2
Photo: Anker

Standing just 7.7” tall and taking up just a 4.5-inch square footprint, the 548 Power Bank weighs just 5lbs and can easily fit on top of any countertop or inside your car’s trunk. On top of the unit, there’s a retractable 3W LED lamp that can give you some emergency lighting while you’re locating the unit and setting it up, and it can stay powered for over 42 hours with two brightness modes and an SOS mode. The power bank’s input status, power levels, and temperature are displayed on a digital screen.

Anker 548 Power Bank 3
Photo: Anker

To ensure that you’re always ready in any situation, get yourself Anker’s 548 Power Bank for just $170 on Amazon.