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adidas Has Just Released a Trio of Sporty True Wireless Earbuds

With new pairs of wireless earbuds popping out of the woodwork from every which way you turn your head, one of the world’s more reputable brands has revealed its own spin on the matter. While adidas is no stranger to slapping their signature stripes onto some headphones, this latest reveal takes things to an entirely new scale for the iconic performance brand. Although they are most likely to be the manufacturer you entrust with a new pair of running shoes, adidas is now making a play for your ears by adding their first sets of true wireless earbuds, and they are as secure as they are sleek.

In collaboration with Zound, adidas has introduced their Z.N.E 01, Z.N.E. 01 ANC, and FWD-02 Sport, making it clear that they are tending to audiophiles a bit more seriously than they had with prior sets. As far as the sweat and water-resistant Z.N.E. 01 ANC is concerned, they boast a pair of 6mm drivers and what adidas has labeled Awareness mode, which mirrors Apple’s Transparency mode. The buds also offer 4.5 consecutive hours of listening while utilizing noise-canceling, 6 hours without it, and a whopping 20 hours when accounting for the charging case. On the other hand, its non-ANC correlative arrives in a more subdued look and with a slightly diminished 5-hour listening life. Lastly, the ergonomic FWD-02 Sport is geared to fulfill the common runner’s needs more so than the prior pairs and is equipped with adjustable ear-tips and wings, a ventilated charging case, Awareness mode, and a sweatproof and water-resistant IPX5-rating.

Currently available for purchase from adidas are the Z.N.E. 01 and its ANC counterpart with price points of $99 and $189, respectively. However, for those who opt for a bit more of a secure feel with their earphones, the FWD-02 Sport is eligible to pre-order for $169, but will only start shipping at an undisclosed point in November.

Purchase: $99+