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Taylor Stitch Curates a Capsule of 40 Vintage Timex Watches

Taylor Stitch is a brand that abides by timeless silhouettes through and through, and its sprawling new joint effort proves that entirely. Working alongside Timex, the San Francisco-bred clothier has revived a total of 40 timepieces from the Connecticut-based watchmaker.

The Timeless Capsule features several iconic options from Timex, but a few of the most noteworthy include the 70s-era Black Max with all of its stark, rugged appeal and the gold-plated Mercury 1044 made famous by Dr. Martin Luther King. Other impressive watches include a handsome Electric Time Zone from 1974, a chic Blue Dial Q from 1977, a well-patinated Gold Marlin from 1978, and an outdoor-ready Camper from 1991.

Each timepiece was sourced in collaboration with Ark Zaydman, a vintage collector, and the two have managed to bring several notable watches back to the public eye. Moreover, Zaydman sits at the helm of Heritage 1854, a blog dedicated to old-school Timex examples. Of course, these are all vintage watches, so they’ve been used before and may show signs of genuine age. Regardless, each one is as timeless as the next, just like its name suggests.

If you’re looking for a trusty vintage watch but want to avoid spending Rolex-level money, then this is an ideal alternative to pick one up. Each one-of-a-kind timepiece in the vintage collection is available on Taylor Stitch’s web shop, ranging in price from $150 to $250.

Purchase: $150+

Photo: Taylor Stitch | Timex
Photo: Taylor Stitch | Timex
Photo: Taylor Stitch | Timex