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Vollebak’s New Garbage Jacket Repurposes Firefighter Suits

Vollebak Garbage Jacket 0 Hero
Photo: Vollebak

Since 2015, Vollebak has been mastering the intersection between sustainability and fashion. And when we think we’ve seen it all, the British clothing brand hit us again with something that pushes the boundaries even further and innovates yet again. Their newest entry, the Vollebak Garbage Jacket, was inspired by Sylvester Stallone’s Rambo character, of all things. Stallone was so cold on the Canadian set of First Blood that when he saw some rotting canvas under a truck, he grabbed it, cut a hole in the neck, put it on, and the rest is cinematic history.

Vollebak Garbage Jacket 1
Photo: Vollebak

Operating on the principle of one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, the new addition to Vollebak’s Garbage range is a soft, fire-resistant jacket made from plant waste, recycled brass, and discarded firefighter suits. What’s equally interesting as the materials is the design philosophy that hinges on using the toughest materials in the trash, namely meta-aramid fiber from the firefighter suits, which accounts for 70% of the jacket. This highly flame-resistant material doesn’t melt and is used by professionals ranging from pilots to F1 drivers.

Vollebak Garbage Jacket 2
Photo: Vollebak

The remaining 30% of the jacket is comprised of para-aramid fiber, a material typically used in bulletproof vests. This isn’t just for the cool factor either; these materials are quite difficult to recycle, making them ideal for a jacket aiming to cut down on waste. We’ve seen Vollebak use recycled bulletproof vests before in this collection with the Garbage sweater, but the added fire-resistant material makes this jacket a trooper. Especially if things start to get hot.

Vollebak Garbage Jacket 3
Photo: Vollebak

Through science and technology, Vollebak brings us closer to the future with a unique jacket available now for $645.