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Vollebak’s Apocalypse Jacket Is Built to Withstand the End of the World

Vollebak’s line of jackets for the unthinkable has been nothing short of impressive. With the English innovators’ catalog already including a lightweight garment tailored for space travel and a copper-crafted jacket geared toward deterring diseases, Vollebak has tackled another impressively wild concept, and this time it seems a bit more far-fetched. The brand’s newly-unveiled Apocalypse Jacket is built to endure a zombie apocalypse — and quite literally anything else.

While the garment takes inspiration from the CDC’s tongue-in-cheek Zombie Apocalypse report, Vollebak accounts for just how many Doomsday possibilities there are. The jacket is composed of abrasion-resistant para-aramid and PBI, the latter of which is an insanely durable, fire-retardant, NASA-grade material that was implemented through the Apollo program, ensuring protection from “black lava and flash fires.” It also arrives in fire-blanket-inspired packaging for an extra touch of authenticity. For added safety, the Apocalypse Jacket is anti-microbial and chemical-resistant, meaning you aren’t endangered by petrol, sulphuric acid, caustic soda, or pretty much anything you shouldn’t get near your skin. While you may envision this piece to be incredibly heavyset, the brand touts it as “a regular soft, comfortable jacket,” which partly stems from its Cordura-crafted inner shell.

While its composition stands out on its own, Vollebak’s life-saving invention is lined with an eye-popping number of zipper-concealed compartments, as it features 23 pockets throughout. These include a pair at the neck area, five that compose the back, six along the sleeves, and another ten filling out the inside. These pockets are so convenient that they can help transform the jacket into a sleeping bag, as each of the 5 appearing on the back are tubular, meaning they can easily be stuffed with clothes and morphed into a portable bed built for the worst-case scenario.

Vollebak’s new release is currently available for pre-order and is set to ship out starting February 2nd. If you find yourself in desperate need of supernatural protection, then get your hands on the Apocalypse Jacket for $1,295.

Purchase: $1,295

Photo: Vollebak
Photo: Vollebak