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PANGAIA and Spiber Work Together to Make a Hoodie from Lab-Grown Fibers

PANGAIA’s strive for full-on sustainability is beyond admirable, and its latest collaboration might be the most innovative showcase of its mission statement to date. Working in collaboration with Spiber, who arguably sets the standard for sustainable textiles, PANGAIA Lab has released the new Spiber NXT GEN Hoodie.

PANGAIA Lab serves as an additional sector of innovation within the up-and-coming label, often conjuring up eco-friendlier garments like this one. This new release from the intercontinental clothier is crafted from Spiber’s unique Brewed Protein; a synthetic, bio-based material that is highlighted by a cruelty-and-chemical-free manufacturing process. As you may have guessed, the hoodie is also composed of organic cotton, blending with the Brewed Protein to create a plush piece to wear year-round.

Additionally, the garment features a unique QR code inside the label that owners can scan to get a better idea of the product’s composition and care tips, as well as the positive environmental impact that this piece has on our planet. With each thread and trim being either recycled or responsibly sourced, you can manage to lower your carbon footprint every time you throw this on. The garment also features a printed graphic at the front detailing the shirt’s first-of-its-kind eco-friendly composition.

Buy some clothes and save the planet? That’s a win-win situation if we ever heard one. You can pick up the PANGAIA LAB powered by Spiber NXT GEN Hoodie on PANGAIA’s site for $395.

Purchase: $395