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Oakley Revives the Racing Jacket after 25 Years

Oakley Racing Jacket 0 Hero
Photos: Oakley

Over the last 50 years, Oakley has always been one to watch given its consistent output of innovative products that offer performance and style. Although always looking to the future, the California-based company has taken note of the rising interest in its vintage catalog. The minimal silhouettes from the 90s and early 2000s in particular have quite the buzz, which prompted them to start looking to the past for inspiration. Now that Oakley has warmed up to opening their vault a bit, they’re adding to the collection with the release of a brand new pair of Racing Jacket shades after a 25-year hiatus.

Oakley Racing Jacket 1
Photo: Oakley

This iteration of the futuristic and instantly recognizable performance sunglasses was designed by Jim Jannard, Lek Thixton, and Peter Yee. Featuring a hinge-less frame, these bad boys are designed to grip around your head and move with you, making them popular with many cyclists, and the action sports community at large. The vented ports outlining the lenses allow for increased airflow useful for athletes and other high-intensity endeavors. One thing to note is that these shades will only come in the Red Tiger colorway, a striped red and black tiger pattern complemented by the black lenses. Given the intrigue surrounding Oakley’s classic catalog among both Gen Z and old fans, it’s a safe bet to expect more visits from familiar favorites.

Oakley Racing Jacket 2
Photo: Oakley

Speaking of familiar favorites, another revived product from the MUZM line, the Eye Jacket, has also seen a spike in interest thanks to the popularity of The Last Dance, a docu-series depicting Michael Jordan’s legendary career. These are also seeing a re-release alongside the Racing Jacket this month.

Oakley Racing Jacket 3 1
Photo: Oakley

After a quarter century in the vault, we’re finally reunited with an oldie but a goodie for athletes and fans alike. Starting May 4th, a limited run of 375 serialized Racing Jackets will be available for $261 at Oakley’s flagship locations and dealerships.