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Oakley Just Released Its First-Ever Collection of Running Glasses

Oakley Acutator and Corridor Running Sunlasses 0 Hero
Photo: Oakley

Oakley has been manufacturing top-of-the-line performance glasses for decades, but, believe it or not, the iconic California-bred brand has never released a silhouette dedicated to running — yeah, we were shocked, too. Regardless, that makes the company’s new announcement all the more noteworthy, as its Corridor and Actuator designs are its first-ever options specifically geared toward runners.

Oakley Acutator and Corridor Running Sunlasses 1
Photo: Oakley

Unsurprisingly, Oakley claims to have spent an unfathomable amount of time discussing with runners how to further innovate the running eyewear space, which has already seen several advancements in recent years. Nonetheless, the latest silhouettes implement the brand’s proprietary lens tech to deliver optimized results. Starting with the Corridor, a casual-shaped pair featuring a 3-point fit, sport ear socks, and a sport nosepad with a signature anti-bob bridge to ensure they stay in position through your workout. These boast Oakley’s famed Prizm Lens tech, promoting enhanced color and contrast across the board.

Oakley Acutator and Corridor Running Sunlasses 2
Photo: Oakley

Moving on, the Actuator silhouette features the same Prizm Lens technology, fit, and functional nosepad but has a much sleeker look than the previous pair. While it’s surprising to see Oakley be so late to the party (the marathon, better yet), its boundless history of making premium sunglasses for any activity leads us to believe there can’t be much room for error in picking up either new pair.

Oakley Acutator and Corridor Running Sunlasses 3
Photo: Oakley

The Corridor and Actuator running glasses are now available starting from $163.