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Nike Debuts Innovative Aerogami Jacket with Self-Adjusting Vents

Nike Aerogami Jacket 0 Hero
Photos: Nike

Nike’s apparel really needs no introduction; the label has long been releasing stylish, functional, and innovative products at a high level. The label’s running apparel is especially trendy among professionals and hobbyists, which is why Nike’s announcement of a new technology called Aerogami is big news. This new technology is debuting with the Nike Run Division Aerogami Jacket, designed to keep runners ventilated and adapt to your needs.

Nike Aerogami Jacket 1
Photo: Nike

Made with the help of experts from Nike’s Explore Team and Sport Research Lab, this Aerogami technology is a ventilation system that reacts to your body’s temperature and adapts accordingly. Small winged vents near key areas (the chest and back) will open as your sweating starts to increase and will close back up once you cool down. They’re able to do this thanks to a film that’s layered onto the vents, which reacts to moisture and autonomously expands or contracts after sensing the sweat on your body. Nike even went as far as gathering sweat and heat maps from runners during activity, and then visualizing the data to make sure that the vent placement was right.

Nike Aerogami Jacket 2
Photo: Nike

As for the jacket itself, it has this new venting system on the chest and back, which were determined to be the most important areas to keep cool after research. Do note that the men’s and women’s versions will have slightly different vent placements to provide for different needs. Additionally, the jacket is outfitted with Storm-FIT ADV, Nike’s in-house material that protects you from the wind and rain while you’re out running. All in all, it’s cool to see Nike is still innovating and releasing exciting stuff after all these years.

Nike Aerogami Jacket 3
Photo: Nike

There’s no official word on pricing for the Nike Run Division Aerogami Jackets, but the women’s version is set to release this July, and the men’s version will be coming in the fall.