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Levi’s Brings Out the “Big E” For Its Latest Pair of Vintage 501 Jeans

Photo: Levi's

The word “essential” might get tossed around loosely in the fashion world, and even we fall victim to it, but there are some situations where it’s too applicable to ignore. Levi’s 501 is one of these rare garments, and so has been the case for _ years. In acknowledgment of this iconic silhouette, Levi’s Vintage line has churned out a pair emulating the 1963 design.

Photo: Levi’s

This particular pair of 501s is inspired by 1963, as the heritage brand describes it as one of the most impactful years across the board, one comprised of “great unrest, hope, and action.” That said, Levi’s still managed to get in on the action, as it claims to have served as the go-to dress code “for the free-thinking youth.” Compositionally, they are composed of 12-ounce shrink-to-fit red selvedge denim made from deadstock fabric from Cone Mills White Oak, which closed shop in 2017.

Photo: Levi’s

Consistent thrifters, vintage connoisseurs, and denim aficionados are well aware of what it means when you find a “Big E” on a pair of Levi’s jeans, and those who aren’t aware are in for a brief history lesson. This embellishment authenticates any pair of Levi’s manufactured before 1971, but that’s not to say it appears on every example that predates it. Realistically, it just makes them even rarer.

Photo: Levi’s

Levi’s 1963 501 Jeans are available on the brand’s webshop for $395.