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GREATS Redesigned Their Signature Slipper to Feature a Closed Back

A good pair of slippers is one of life’s great pleasures. Whether you’re bundling up on a cold day or have fully embraced the work from home lifestyle and have abandoned all of your normal clothes, owning a nice pair of slippers is almost a necessity these days. But any bargain-brand slipper won’t do. No, consumers deserve a higher caliber of slipper. They deserve a slipper whose brand name indicates its company’s endless pursuit of excellence to make a product. They deserve GREATS slippers.

The Brooklyn-based brand has captured the hearts and feet of thousands with their signature Foster Slipper and are looking to improve upon perfection with an all-new design. GREATS’ Foster Closed Back Slipper introduces a newly designed collapsable back to the iconic silhouette, which not only allows for easier loading and unloading of the shoe and total coverage of the foot, but also the closed back makes the house slipper look like a bonafide shoe. Now, wearers are able to venture out of the safety of their homes in style and comfort while wearing the closed-back Foster. New additions aside, GREATS retained many of the same features for this new iteration of the Foster that made its predecessor a best-seller. It still has the quilted upper that’s inspired by a puffer jacket, cushioned footbed wrapped in soft leather, and durable sole that allows wearers to tackle the rigors of the world outside their homes.

Even better, the Foster’s outsole is made from recycled rubber, and its mesh lining is crafted from recycled plastic bottles, so you can take solace in knowing that your slippers are as sustainably made as they are comfortable. The Foster Closed Back Slipper is available on GREATS’ website for $119 and comes in three colors: nero, cargo, and grey.

Purchase: $119