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Danner’s Factory Recrafting Program Lets You Repair Your Boots Rather Than Replace Them

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Since its inception in 1932, Danner has relentlessly strived to produce quality boots characterized by their premium materials, classic designs, top-notch craftsmanship, and built-to-last nature. And while this latter trait has always been a guiding force for the brand since Charles Danner crafted his first pair of logging boots, the Portland-based boot purveyor is now doubling-down on this defining attribute with the launch of its all-new Danner Factory Boot Recrafting Service

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Meeting Modern Classics

Getting Aquatinted With Two Of Danner’s Latest

To fully wrap your head around what Danner’s Recrafting service has to offer, you first have to be familiar with some of the company’s boots. To help illustrate the capabilities of this new program, we’ve opted to highlight two very different pieces of classic Danner footwear that are eligible for Recrafting, starting with the Danner Tramline Chelsea 917 GTX (seen below). Sporting a classically-styled Chelsea silhouette, this pair manages to put a contemporary spin on this timeless shoe style with a set of Nubuck leather uppers that conceal a fully-breathable and waterproof GORE-TEX liner, as well as removable tri-density foam OrthoLite footbeds — all stacked atop a set of Danner-exclusive Vibram® 917 outsoles that feature an XS Trek rubber compound construction. 

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Photo: Danner Logger Moc 917 GTX (left) | Danner Tramline Chelsea 917 GTX (right)

Moving on, we have Danner’s Logger Moc 917 GTX boot (seen above). Inspired by Charles Danner’s first-ever caulked logger boots, the Logger Moc 917 GTX stays fairly true to the original design from an aesthetic standpoint while subtly bringing a host of modern features and elements to the table such as a GORE-TEX liner, Vibram® SPE midsole, and the same ultra-grippy Vibram® 917 outsoles found on the Chelsea 917 GTX. Fully waterproof, this reinterpreted heritage design also benefits from a modernized Stitchdown construction. It is worth mentioning that, unlike other boots that qualify for this factory recrafting program, Danner’s Logger Moc 917 GTX is only eligible for a resole package — rather than being able to be completely repaired like other eligible footwear.

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Photo: Danner

A 2nd Lease On Life

Danner's Boot Recrafting Service

Though they’re incredibly rugged, well-made pieces of footwear, even the strongest, most hardwearing work boots will eventually wear-out with enough regular use. Well aware of this reality, Danner has been offering a factory recrafting program for decades, capitalizing on its near century of experience making boots in order to figure out how to best recondition and repair them. Now offered for an even greater number of Danner’s boots, the entire experience can be carried out online and starts by asking the user to plug-in their exact pair of boots’ style number to determine if their boots are eligible. If they are, the service starts with a series of questions about the state of your boots, exploring factors such as if your boots have tears in the stitching at the outsoles, if the welt leather is worn down, if the heel counter is broken, or if there are any rips, tears, or holes in the liner or uppers. 

Using the collected info, Danner’s site then makes a calculated suggestion for which services it recommends for your boots. Done completely by hand by individual artisans at the company’s Portland HQ, Danner’s Recrafting program includes amenities such as replacing a pair of boots’ outsole, midsole, insole, or laces, reconditioning, cleaning, and polishing of the uppers, repairing damaged stitching or lamination, and replacing broken heel counters, liners, shanks, or hardware — a suite of services that give practically any worn-out boot a chance at a second lease on life. Once you and Danner figure out which services your boots will need, you simply box them up and send them to the boot-maker, who expertly repairs and reconditions them through its factory Recrafting program before returning them to your doorstep via the post. 

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Photo: Danner

Uniquely Yours

Why It’s Better To Repair Than Replace

While it’s true that you always have the option of outright replacing an old worn-out pair of boots with a brand new pair, the reality is that there’s a myriad of reasons that make repairing your boots a superior option over replacing them. For starters, having your worn or broken boots repaired and recrafted is markedly more sustainable and overall much better for the environment. Additionally, it’s almost always a much cheaper option by a pretty substantial margin, plus it helps support skilled artisans and craftspeople — and more importantly, contributes in the fight against fast fashion. 

Crafting high-quality, built-to-last boots almost always necessitates utilizing thick and robust constructions that, while immensely rugged, require an extended — and often uncomfortable — break-in period. Over time, boots will eventually conform to the user’s feet and their unique contours, slowly achieving a perfect fit over time with regular use. What’s more, a pair of boots will also gain wrinkle lines and flex points based on the wearer’s routine activities and motions — an element that makes for an even snugger and more precise fit. For these reasons, having an old pair of boots repaired will typically be a much more comfortable option over opting for an entirely new pair — as well as a cheaper and more eco-friendly one, as outlined above. 

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Photo: Danner

There’s also a sentimental aspect at play, as people often develop an attachment to a trusty pair of boots over time. And, while Danner’s boots already make for great family heirlooms, its factory Recrafting service bolsters this area, ensuring that future generations can experience walking in the same boots as their forefathers, without having to trot around in a pair with torn stitching or a broken heel. It’s not just the comfort and feel or a broken-in, well-worn pair of boots that people often appreciate, as it’s also hard not to possess a proclivity for the unique patina that your boots slowly form over time, with nicks, scuffs, stains, and other imperfections all adding character — and serving as a reminder for when each of those scars were picked up. 

For these reasons, it’s not hard to see why repairing your boots tends to be a much better option compared to outright replacing them — whether this is done for environmental reasons, is economically-motivated, or is simply out of pure sentimentality. It’s also worth mentioning that, based on the severity of the damage, some boots sadly can’t be repaired, though fortunately Danner’s service is able to determine if new life can be breathed into your old pair.

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Photo: Danner

In Closing

Fine-Print & Prices

Available now for an ever-growing selection of the brand’s fantastic footwear, the Danner Boots Factory Recrafting service is available now with pricing starting at $140 — a number that includes free shipping. Eligible for the Recrafting service, Danner’s Tramline Chelsea 917 GTX Boot and Logger Moc 917 GTX Boot are also both available now in stores and online, with pricing set at $210 and $240, respectively. More information on the Recrafting program — as well as both new pairs of boots — can be found on Danner’s website.