Stone Island’s Prototype Research Team Engineers a Limited Kevlar Parka

As one of the most integral labels in techwear, Stone Island has remained an innovative leader in the space. The Italian clothier’s Prototype Research team has been in charge of producing the brand’s most envelope-pushing pieces since hitting the scene in 2016, and its bewilderingly sturdy Kevlar-crafted parka is the latest head-turner.

While you may be more accustomed to seeing the abrasion-resistant textile on more tactical products, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that Stone Island made a fashion statement out of it. This premier garment engineering is a result of “stretch broken technology.” When implemented alongside the Kevlar material, this process curates a thin yarn material that provides the opportunity to coat it in cotton and craft an exceedingly unique piece of outerwear. After this, the jacket is finished with a dévoré painting method that disintegrates the cotton coating and exposes the Kevlar composition’s yellow tint.

Aside from unrivaled strength, the parka’s Kevlar core paves the way for optimized thermal stability, assuring it’s an ideal garment to wear when the temperature drops. It is rounded out with a removable internal hood with a Velcro fastening for seamless adjustability. Plus, for added breathing room, the parka even has an opening under the armholes, inspired by those found on a Kimono robe. Like previous pieces in the ever-so-coveted Prototype Research series, the parka is limited to 100 units.

If it’s hard for you to choose between form and function, this new release helps simplify things by giving you both. Stone Island’s Prototype Research SERIES 06_DÉVORÉ WITH KEVLAR CORE will be available on the label’s webshop on July 12.

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Photo: Stone Island