Sony Reinforces Its Automotive Ambitions with the VISION-S 02 SUV

It seems that now more than ever, automakers and tech companies are cross-pollinating in ways we’ve never seen. The hard lines that once separated major industries have now become blurred, especially with the advent of automotive electrification. One of the prime examples of this shift in vision and industry is none other than Sony, who furthered its impending automotive aspirations by unveiling its first SUV in the form of the VISION-S 02 EV prototype.

Sony debuted the brand-new VISION-S 02 prototype at CES this year as an extension of its initiative to “contribute to the evolution of mobility.” The concept is marketed as an SUV-type EV to meet the needs of a large variety of lifestyles in today’s ever-diversifying population, and like any modern automaker, Sony is going to need a successful SUV if it wants to succeed in today’s industry. Sony’s seven-seater sports a litany of technology that revolves around three major tenets: safety and security, adaptability, and entertainment. For safety, the tech-forward auto features a sophisticated system of sensors that are installed around the entire vehicle to sense its environment. Moreover, these sensors include high-res CMOS image sensors and LiDAR sensors that can sense space in a three-dimensional manner, ensuring faster-real time updates to ensure a safer ride. Lastly, Sony plans to integrate its Level 2+ advanced driver assistance system in the VISION-S 02 for an added layer of safety. Regarding adaptability, the EV sports Time-of-Flight sensors that watch over passengers, as well as provide driver authentication. It will also have a fully customizable display, as well as a cloud-linked control over vehicle settings, key locks, and user settings.

Finally, for entertainment (this is Sony, after all), the SUV will host user-friendly entertainment features like “360 Reality Audio” for an immersive audio experience, and “BRAVIA CORE for VISION-S,” which is a fully integrated movie service. Even cooler, passengers in the futuristic ride will even be able to play Playstation games by streaming them through the cloud. Sony has yet to announce when the VISION-S 02 will be released, but it will mark a major industry shift when it happens.

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Photo: Sony