Shoei Debuts an All-New Flagship Motorcycle Racing Helmet

Founded in 1959, Shoei is a legendary Japanese company that unequivocally crafts some of the finest motorcycle helmets on the planet. And despite already offering a world-class lineup of brain buckets, the firm has now raised the bar once again with the release of its latest flagship race lid.

Known as the X-Fifteen — or the X-SPR Pro in the European markets — Shoei’s new top-of-the-line race helmet is constructed around the brand’s AIM+ (Advanced Integrated Matrix) shell, which utilizes structured layers of fiberglass beneath a polyester resin and sits over a modular EPS liner system with multiple densities. Already utilized by six-time MotoGP world champion Marc Márquez throughout the 2022 race season, the X-Fifteen is designed to remain stable at speeds of up to 218mph. This is thanks to a new, more aerodynamic profile that benefits from the use of a lower air spoiler and new rear stabilizer flaps.

Equipped with Shoei’s most effective and advanced ventilation system to date, the X-Fifteen features an innovative cheek vent system plus seven closable inlet ports and half-a-dozen intake ports. Successor to Shoei’s X-Fourteen / X-Spirit III helmet, this new flagship model also boasts a modular center pad, four cheek-pad thicknesses, a fully-detachable and washable liner, a double D-ring closure, an included, mist-retardant CWR-F2R Pinlock visor, and Shoei’s E.Q.R.S. security system (Emergency Quick Release System). In total, the X-SPR Pro manages to tip the scales at only 3.19lb, too.

Shoei has yet to reveal pricing or availability for its all-new X-Fifteen / X-SPR Pro helmet, though, like all of its lids, this new model will be backed by a five-year warranty. Produced in four different shell sizes, the X-Fifteen is also ECE 22/06-certified and homologated by the FIM for race use.

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Photo: Shoei