Scoured: The Best Gear On Huckberry

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When you think of camping, what are some of the images that come to mind? Does it include forests, mountains, lakes and streams, and hiking trails? There’s definitely a clear picture, at least stereotypically speaking. And while those isolated inland getaways are certainly enjoyable, they’re far from the only option. In fact, if you live near an ocean coastline, there’s a chance you’re pretty close to a unique alternative: beach campgrounds.

Up and down both coasts, you’ll find a bevy of options for beach camping — be that for your RV, in a more traditional camping tent, or even open-air under the stars. In fact, both Hawaii and Alaska have options for beach campsites, should you find yourself outside of the contiguous United States. If this sounds like the kind of adventure you’d like to embark upon in the upcoming warmer months of the year, you might want to check out Huckberry’s expansive catalog to properly equip yourself for the expedition. And if that’s too much work, you could just choose from the loadout we’ve gone to the trouble of putting together for this month’s guide to the best gear on Huckberry.

Rustico Field Notes Leather Folio

Great for doodling, drawing, taking notes, writing down great ideas, or penning important information, this beautiful handmade leather folio is made to house any Field Notes pocket notebook — and it actually comes with its own three-pack. Made in Lindon, Utah, this pocketable book is ideal for anyone who knows the value of the written word.

Purchase: $45

Faherty Brand Beacon Trunk

Everybody needs a good pair of swim trunks, but you don’t need to have the same pair as everyone else, especially when there’s a better option like the Faherty Brand Beacon Trunk you see here. Partially made from recycled and eco-friendly material, these stylish DWR-coated bottoms will serve you well all summer long — and on into the future.

Purchase: $98

Taylor Stitch The Short Sleeve Officer Shirt

With the lightweight, 100% organic cotton poplin Short Sleeve Officer Shirt from Taylor Stitch, you can look uber-stylish while also remaining ultra-comfy on your beach camp outing — or any other occasion. It’s also designed with a tailored fit and short length that allow it to look great untucked, and it has durable reinforcements to help it survive through all your adventures.

Purchase: $98

Shamma Sandals Super Brown

Everyone thinks of flip flops as the ideal beach footwear, but we’ve found that they slip off a bit too easily. Instead, we prefer something like the Shamma Sandals Super Brown sandals you see here, which offer the freedom and breathability of traditional flip flops, but they’ll stay on your feet better when you’re having a walkabout. As an added bonus, they’re also handmade in the USA.

Purchase: $115

Moore & Giles Bottle Opener

It can be quite relaxing and enjoyable to crack open a cold beverage or two while watching the sunset over the ocean. And it’s much more manageable with a solid bottle opener, like this one from Moore & Giles. Made from hand-forged iron and hand-stitched Italian leather, this is both a useful tool and a thing of beauty.

Purchase: $120

Hults Bruk The Agdor Splitting Axe

Even in the summertime, the mercury can drop pretty severely once the sun has dipped below the horizon. As such, if you’re on a beach camping trip, it’s a great idea to bring a wood axe along, like this exceptional one from Hults Bruk. It’s made tough enough for extensive chopping, but its size is more conducive to travel usage.

Purchase: $124

Pacifico Optical Buckler Sunglasses

The bright summer sun is pretty much a given when it comes to beach camping, so you should definitely bring along with you a solid pair of sunglasses. And you can’t go wrong with the Bucklers from Pacifico Optical with their timeless silhouette, handcrafted assembly, shatterproof UV-protective Zeiss lenses, and bio-acetate frames.

Purchase: $195

Nemo Equipment Stargaze Luxury Recliner

Ideal for those times when you just need to take a load off, Nemo Equipment’s Stargaze Luxury Recliner is one of the best folding chairs around for any activity. But if you really want to learn to appreciate this ultra-portable lightweight seat, you should have a sit in it when the stars are overhead. As its name suggests, this reclining camp chair was designed to let you take in the heavens above.

Purchase: $220

DemerBox DB2 Indestructible Waterproof BT Speaker

What’s a beach get-together without some tunes, right? Well, rather than trying to listen to your playlists through your phone or some pathetic little portable speaker, opt for the nigh-indestructible and waterproof DemerBox DB2 you see here. This exceptional speaker boasts a 40+ hour battery life, a crush-proof Pelican case, a 100ft Bluetooth range, internal storage for things you want to keep dry, and so much more.

Purchase: $349

Rab Neutrino 400 Down Sleeping Bag

If you’re going to spend the night on the beach listening to the waves, you ought to be comfortable while you’re doing it. That’s why we love the Rab Neutrino 400 Down Sleeping Bag with its ethically sourced hydrophobic goose down filling, rip-resistant external fabric, and exceptional packability. Of course, you can use this sleeping bag for all your outdoor overnight adventures, too — lending it plenty of year-round value, especially when paired with its 21°F temperature rating.

Purchase: $400

Scoured: The Best Gear On Huckberry - June 2021

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