Scoured: The Best Gear on Huckberry of April 2022

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With an abundance of people flinging their masks off in celebration, an equal number of jetsetters are heading for their nearest terminal in what is set to be one of the most travel-heavy summers this century. However, when en route to taking advantage of lost time, you can never overlook the number of travel essentials that are integral to the course of your trip. Whether it’s an odor-resistant shirt or a handy pen, you’ve always got to come prepared. If anyone knows a thing or two about getting ready for your next vacation, it’s Huckberry, which is why we’re packing our bags and wheeling out a collection of this month’s best getaway gear available on the Austin-based retail site.

Bravo Sierra Toiletry Bag

You can never go on a trip without your toiletries on hand, which is where this handy bag comes into play. Store your toothpaste, skincare, lotion, and more into this conveniently sized carrying case courtesy of Bravo Sierra, a label that knows as much about grooming as anyone.

Purchase: $25

Proof 72-Hour Tee

When you’re on the go, packing a bunch of clothes can be a hassle, and Proof is a brand that’s determined to solve this problem. As a result, the innovative label’s merino wool-crafted 72-Hour Tee is built to resist odor and sweat for as long as three days, making it the quintessential travel shirt to have on hand — and it even comes available in more colors than you could possibly need.

Purchase: $72

Roark Layover 2.0 Pant

Roark’s Layover 2.0 Travel Pant is cut from a sturdy, two-way stretch fabric that stays light and comfortable along the way. It also comes equipped with an expansive zippered pocket and even an additional quick-stash pocket for your phone or wallet. Round that out with ventilation mesh and laser-cut vents for keeping cool, and you’re in shape for one comfortable summer.

Purchase: $75

Craighill Kepler Pen

If you’re writing something by hand, at least do it in style. Craighill’s variety of design-centric home furnishings has trickled its way down to the world of writing utensils, deeming its streamlined, stainless steel-bodied Kepler a go-to choice if you’re not trying to overspend on a pen but still like to keep things sleek and functional.

Purchase: $78

Keysmart CleanLight Air Purifier

You can never know who was sleeping in your hotel room before you got there, so you’re always better off safe than sorry when resting in uncharted territory. Luckily, Keysmart’s CleanLight keeps quiet enough to let you do both, thanks to its pair of fan modes operating at no higher than 27 decibels. Now, you can enjoy your stay while ridding your room of up to 99.99% of airborne pathogens.

Purchase: $119

Keysmart Ultimate Charger

Running out of battery when you’re out of the house is already annoying as it is, so just imagine how bad it is when you’re out of the country. Keysmart has got you covered in this instance, too, with its powerful Ultimate Charger serving as an ideal portable choice to keep your device topped off.

Purchase: $150

Trova Go Plus Biometric Safe

Your prized belongings can never be too safe, especially when taking the unbeaten path. If the mere thought of misplacing your hard drive (or anything else) petrifies you, then make sure to pick up this uber-sturdy, mightily convenient safe from Trova. It’s composed of aluminum alloy, so you can guarantee almost anything you own is in better hands when stored here.

Purchase: $249

Peak Design Travel Backpack

Touted as the world’s premier carrying accessory when seeing the world, Peak Design’s offering serves as your ideal 45L carry-on bag. With seamless access to its surfeit of compartments, the Travel Backpack is sure to come in handy if you’re looking to avoid rummaging through an unorganized backpack when you’re walking through airport security.

Purchase: $300

Garrett Leight Harding X Sunglasses

A stylish pair of shades is essential whether you’re traveling the country or merely taking a walk down to your local convenient store. The Harding X sunglasses from Garrett Leight boast three barrel hinges and smudge-resistant lenses for bolstered longevity and cleanliness. Available in a pair of colors, our personal choice is this easy-going palette with a periwinkle tint.

Purchase: $420

Astrohaus Freewrite Traveler

Expressing your thoughts is always important, especially when you’re traveling through unknown territory. With that in mind, this unique portable typewriter is the perfect way to lower the total on your phone’s screen time notifications by getting some old-fashioned writing done.

Purchase: $449

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