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Scoured: The Best Gear On Amazon

As of the writing of this sentence, the United States stands ready to eclipse the 100-million mark of people who are fully vaccinated against COVID-19. And that timing couldn’t be better, as the weather is starting to finally warm up and, as we’re sure everyone is feeling, we’re ready to get outside and go on some adventures. For those who are amongst the ~95 million American people that live near the coasts, one of the hot spots this summer — more than maybe ever before — is definitely going to be the beach.

But heading to the beach after a year (or more) hiatus does come with a unique opportunity: picking up brand-spanking-new gear so you look, feel, and perform your best. It’s with this in mind that we’ve put together this month’s guide to the best gear on Amazon. You don’t have to be a beach bum or a surf rat in order to make the most of this ocean-going loadout, but it won’t hurt matters, either. So get out there, enjoy the sun, embrace the company, and enjoy your summer!

Sun Bum Original SPF 50 Sunscreen

Protecting your skin while out in the sun is of the utmost importance because melanoma is no joke. But your choice of sunblock also has an impact on the environment, which is why we suggest utilizing this one from Sun Bum. It’ll keep you protected for hours, but it’s also reef-safe (meaning it doesn’t have any harmful chemicals). Plus it has vitamin E to keep your skin moisturized.

Purchase: $14

Matador NanoDry Packable Towel

We’ve all been there: hopping out of the water only to realize we’ve neglected to bring a towel. Well, if you’ve got the Matador NanoDry Packable Towel attached to your bag or keychain, then you’ve also got access to an emergency full-sized towel. It’s 2.3x lighter than other towels, absorbs more than 2x its weight, it’s machine washable, and is designed to collapse back down for easy storage and transport.

Purchase: $39

RTIC Half Gallon Water Bottle

As is the case with any adventure or intense physical activity, beach trips necessitate staying hydrated — especially if you’re surfing, foam boarding, bodyboarding, or just going for a swim. And that’s plenty easy to manage with RTIC’s Half Gallon Water Bottle. On top of its impressive capacity, it will keep the liquid inside ice-cold for hours on end. Furthermore, it’s ultra-tough — so you don’t have to treat it with kid gloves.

Purchase: $40

OluKai Ohana Flip Flops

There’s no footwear more appropriate for the beach than flip-flops, but not all are created equal. Case in point: Olukai’s Ohana offerings are made with cushy EVA foam, neoprene, nylon, and rubber — combining to offer tremendous comfort and durability in a classic, iconic package. Slip into these sandals and you’re going to mourn all that you’ve been missing.

Purchase: $69

Birdwell 310 Nylon Board Shorts

Birdwell makes some of the best classic swim trunks on the market and their 310 Nylon Board Shorts are definitely no exception. Made entirely in the USA from 100% nylon, they’re naturally water-resistant, quick-drying, durable, and lightweight. They’re no-nonsense, but that’s part of what we like about them.

Purchase: $80

YETI Camino Carryall

Even if you only need to carry a towel, some water, and a couple of everyday carry knick-knacks, you’re still going to be better off if you have a bag in which to haul them. And you definitely can’t go wrong with the YETI Camino Carryall with its EVA molded base, waterproof exterior, modular grid, and nylon suitcase-style carry handles.

Purchase: $150

Oakley Oo9013 Frogskins Square Sunglasses

Probably Oakley’s most recognizable silhouette — or at least amongst their most significant — the Frogskins have been a staple of the optics industry for a long time. They’re also perfectly suited to beach outings with their polarized UV-protective lenses, lightweight frames, and classic overall appearance.

Purchase: $172

Indo Balance Board

Whether you’re a surfer trying to step up your game or you just want to increase your core strength and overall balance, getting a balance board can certainly help in that regard. Well, Indo makes the original balance board and, wouldn’t you know it, they’re still one of the best. This particular deck was designed to mimic what it feels like to ride on surfboards, snowboards, and wakeskates — meaning it’s great all-around for your board-based sports training.

Purchase: $195

Schwinn Mikko Beach Cruiser Bicycle

Beach parking can be a massive bummer, but if you have a last-mile transport or something you can just hop on from your home and head down to the water, you can skip the parking fiasco entirely. That’s where Schwinn’s Mikko-equipped beach cruiser bicycle comes into play. It’s a handsome, vintage-style ride that will get you down to the shore without any hassle, it can be equipped with a surfboard mount, and it’ll afford both relaxation and thrills — when you want them.

Purchase: $374

JBL Boombox

Your phone can probably play music, just not nearly as well as the JBL Boombox. That’s because this bad boy offers up to 24 hours of wireless playback and it’s IPX7 waterproof — making it the ideal sound system for all your outdoor waterborne adventures. So hit the shores and pump up the jams.

Purchase: $400

Scoured: The Best Gear On Amazon - April 2021

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