Dry Guy: 8 Best Packable Camp Towels

Sep 25, 2018

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Unless you want to drip-dry your way through a backcountry camping trip, odds are you’re going to need a camp towel for the journey. And no, that doesn’t mean we suggest bringing along a standard bulky bath towel for the trip. For one, they not suitable for compact transient travel. Also, when compared to packable camping towels, bath towels dry off at a considerably lengthier rate — which is open season for bacterial growth and moldy stenches to take hold.

That’s where micro cloth comes in handy. This common component of packable camp towels allows these dry-time companions to really shine in the ability to give you that fresh feeling under the stars. And not only do they dry in considerably less time, but their lightweight nature reduces bulk in the backpack — increasing storage capacity for other more important items like camp stoves, sleeping bags, first aid kits, etc. You get the picture, which is why we were on a mission to find the best packable camping towels out there. What follows is this list of eight — for your hygiene — because trust us, your travel mates will thank you.

PackTowel Personal Microfiber Towel

Made with quick-drain microfiber that’s proven to dry up to 70 percent faster than your standard bath towel, the PackTowel was an easy pick for the list. Such outdoor-friendly qualities not only make this an ideal camping towel but a great beach and travel towel to boot. Each piece can also soak up to four times its weight in water, wrings out with ease, hosts a polygene odor control for extended outdoor uses, and comes complete with a zipper and storage pouch.

Purchase: $10+

REI Co-Op Multi-Towel Lite

For both hikers and travelers alike who want to keep a towel on deck but not deal with the bulk that comes with a standard cotton bath towel, the REI Co-Op Multi Towel Lite boasts a reliable polyester and nylon microfiber construction in conjunction with a waffle texture that allows each piece to absorb up to eight times its weight in water. Additionally, a quick-attach loop makes things easy in the drying department, and a small carry pouch keeps thing compact and portable as possible.

Purchase: $10+

Sea to Summit DryLite Towel

It only makes sense that a reputable camping brand like Sea to Summit would develop an ideal packable camp towel for the outdoors. Here, we have their microfiber DryLite option complete with a fine super soft suede finish, machine washable construction, and fast drying build for multiple uses over the course of the trip.

Purchase: $15

Incite Elite Quick Dry Towel

Ideal for both traveling and camping, the Elite Quick Dry Towel host the necessary construction and handy features to make this compatible with just about any adventure you may have on the books. We’re talking a microfiber construction, a hanging loop for easy drying just about anywhere, and a lifetime warranty on each product. Can’t argue with that.

Purchase: $15

Biospired Footprint Camping Towel

Compact. Lightweight. Machine washable. That’s basically what we’re looking for here with packable camping towels. And with the Biospired Footprint Towel, that’s exactly what you’re getting. Each piece features a microsuede composition that absorbs water and quick-drys with ease, a snag loop for hang drying, and an air-flow pouch that clips onto your backpack without issue.

Purchase: $18

Dock & Bay Microfiber Towel

Even though this is positioned as a sand-free beach towel, that doesn’t mean this microfiber towel won’t exceed expectations in the wilderness. That’s because each offering dries three times quicker than a standard cotton towel thanks to a microfiber construction and a sand (or in this case) dirt-free build making the Dock & Bay towel a fine pick for any and all outdoor excursions.

Purchase: $20

Matador NanoDry Towel

From the same outdoor brand that brought us packable backpacks and duffel bags comes a shower-size packable towel made from ultralight nanofiber material. What results is a pocket-sized towel that weighs in at five ounces yet can absorb 2.3 times its own weight in water. Additionally, an antimicrobial coating prevents mildew growth, a snag loop comes in handy for hanging, and a silicone travel case with a carabiner allows for seamless travel convenience.

Purchase: $35

Rumpl Shammy

Claiming to have built the best towel in the galaxy, Rumpl has taken their prowess in the blanket world and applied it aptly to camping towels. Enter the Rumpl Shammy — an insanely soft, absorbent, and quick-drying piece that also resists stains, sand, odor, and pet hair. Multiple designs and sizes are made available by the brand for good measure as well.

Purchase: $59

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