Ressence’s Futuristic Type 8 Watch Is Both Simple and Sophisticated

Whether far out there or ultra-simple, Ressence has made a name for itself in just over a decade by designing functional avant-garde mechanical watches that actually serve a purpose. The boutique brand has transcended the idea past mere works of art that typical unconventional timepieces may offer to craft products that have utility while also managing to look intriguing.

From its design headquarters in Belgium to its Swiss construction, Ressence now unveils the Type 8, an automatic watch that takes the simplicity of its previous models and goes a step further. With a dial that only consists of a minute hand rotating as the smaller face reads the hours, the Type 8 bears a unique look. The hour display orbits on the same plate as the minute hand, while its own small hour hand ticks by. Each hand and tick mark is lit by blue-glowing Super-LumiNova.

Sporting the same domed shape introduced by Ressence in its Type 2 model back in 2019, echoing a Space Age modern aesthetic, the Type 8 is wound and set by turning its case back, allowing for ambidextrous wear and ergonomic comfort due to the lack of a traditional crown. The brand’s lightest watch yet, the Type 8 weighs in at 1.48oz while being 42.9mm in diameter and 11mm thick, thanks to its case built from grade 5 titanium. The deep blue leather strap matches the cobalt blue dial for perfect versatility.

The minimalist watch may only read the hours and minutes, but for those who want a more sophisticated option that bears only the essentials — along with being a fantastic conversation starter — the Type 8 is the ultimate choice. The timepiece is now available for 12,500 CHF (~$13,430) through retailers found via Ressence’s website.

Purchase: $13,430

Photo: Ressence