Singer Vehicle Design Unveils Its First-Ever Turbocharged Bespoke 911 Build

Photos: Singer Vehicle Design

Since its inception in 2009, Singer Vehicle Design has represented one of the world’s most elite Porsche tuners, transforming air-cooled 911 examples into fully bespoke, high-performance one-off works. And after receiving dozens of requests from clients, Singer has now taken on an extensive Turbo Design Study in order to now offer customers forced-induction 911s.

Starting with an air-cooled Type 964-generation 911 as the donor, Singer has bestowed the car with bespoke all-carbon bodywork and a redesigned version of the “Mezger” flat-six that’s been bored out to 3.8L before receiving a twin turbocharger set up with an electric wastegate and bespoke air to water intercoolers housed within the engine’s intake plenums. Paired with a six-speed manual transmission, the forced-induction flat-six is good for more than 450hp, however, Singer says more potent figures can be achieved at the customer’s request.

Singer’s Turbo’d 911 is also being offered in RWD or AWD configurations, as well as with other available upgrades such as turbo-specific carbon-ceramic brakes (available with ABS), a sports exhaust system, and an optional traction control system. The tuner has also announced some touring features will be available on the new model such as cruise control, AC, and heated electrically adjustable seats.

To debut the fruits of its Turbo Design Study, Singer has unveiled its first boosted build. The car is cloaked in RSR-style carbon fiber bodywork adorned in a Wolf Blue livery and features a turbocharged flat-six engine, a RWD setup, touring-spec suspension, an all-custom Malibu Sand interior with Black Forest wood accents, and new functional “shark fin” vented rear fender flares that feed cold air into the engine bay. You can learn more about the build by heading over to Singer’s website.

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Photo: Singer Vehicle Design
Photo: Singer Vehicle Design
Photo: Singer Vehicle Design