Peloton Gives Us a Glimpse at Its First-Ever Indoor Rowing Machine

Photo: Peloton

Over the past decade, the home fitness industry has become revolutionized. Largely responsible for this revolution is the behemoth exercise equipment and media company Peloton, which has forever changed home gym culture and broadened the accessibility and convenience of quality workouts with its smart bike and treadmill. And now it’s adding another major piece of cardio equipment to its roster.

Implementing a rowing machine to your daily regimen is arguably one of the most beneficial additions you can make. Not only is it a low-impact workout, but it can be optimized for any experience level while also providing efficient total-body benefits better than almost any other machine. In recent years, more and more indoor rowers have been added to public gyms, but considering the unconventional movement required to properly use the machine, it’s understandable why newcomers would be more than hesitant to integrate it into their workouts.

That’s where Peloton comes in. The company has not only made home fitness significantly more effective and interactive than ever before but it’s made users much more comfortable trying — and benefiting from — a wider array of exercises from the comfort of their own homes. After several years of rumors, Peloton has finally revealed at its annual Homecoming event that it plans to add a connected rower to its home fitness line. The machine will be likely incorporated with the brand’s Guide system, which helps you monitor your form on a TV screen as you work out with your virtual trainer.

There is no release date yet for the rowing machine, nor has Peloton shared any details about the device outside of a brief clip of star trainer Adrian Williams demonstrating it. But we’re sure the brand will have plenty more to say in the coming months, so stay up to date on Peloton’s website and social media outlets for any upcoming news and announcements.

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