Onewheel’s Powerful GT & Speedy Pint X Are the Brand’s Most Capable Models Yet

Since its product launch in 2015, Onewheel has become a sensation in the electric board space. Known for its reliable battery, durability, and fun handling, the Onewheel is a popular mode of transportation for city dwellers and board enthusiasts alike. More than six years later, Future Motion (the company that makes Onewheel) has released two new models to bolster their line of products: the Onewheel GT and the Onewheel Pint X.

The Onewheel GT is a redesigned version of their flagship model. Its new control system operates on a higher voltage thanks to the new 21700 batteries that power it. These batteries increase the GT’s speed, torque, and handling while also giving it an extended range of 32 miles per charge. Furthermore, the increased power makes the GT the first Onewheel with three horsepower. Additional upgrades that the GT has are concave front and rear footpads to give riders better grip and control. It also features the option to include a treaded tire for off-road adventures. The second model, the Onewheel Pint X, is an extended range cruiser that can go up to 18 miles in a single charge. For perspective, that’s twice as far as the original Pint. Moreover, the new Pint X has an increased maximum speed of 18 mph compared to the 16 mph maximum speed of its predecessor. The most notable change that Future Motion made to the Pint X was its compact size, which is noticeably smaller than the original. Onewheel founder Kyle Doerksen stated this small size was part of an effort to make the Pint X more optimal for people who live in urban environments.

Both new Onewheels come with augmented LED headlights that are 300% brighter than on previous models, as well as built-in Maghandles for easy carrying. Both are available from Onewheel now, with the Pint X starting at $1,400 and the GT priced from $2,200.

Purchase: $1,400+

Photo: Onewheel
Photo: Onewheel