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OMEGA x Swatch Add Pink Lume to Mission to Moonshine Gold MoonSwatch

Swatch x Omega MoonSwatch Mission to the Moon Pink 0 Hero
Photo: OMEGA | Swatch

Last year, OMEGA and Swatch broke the internet with the announcement of their collaborative effort, the Bioceramic MoonSwatch collection, which brought affordability to the legendary OMEGA Moonwatch. The collection consisted of 11 different chronograph models — one for each planet in our solar system (including Pluto), plus the Sun and the Moon — with a sub-$300 price tag. This past March saw another addition that made fans go mad: the Mission to Moonshine Gold edition, which simply put a gold seconds hand on the “Moon” variant of the MoonSwatch. If you haven’t had enough, the two brands have done it again with a watch they’re calling Mission to Moonshine Gold: Pink Full Moon.

Swatch x Omega MoonSwatch Mission to the Moon Pink 1
Photo: OMEGA | Swatch

If you’re unaware, each full moon has a name (or several names) that corresponds to things such as the month, season, time of year, or frequency. If the full moon falls within two weeks of the autumnal equinox, it’s called a “harvest moon.” The next one after that is referred to as the “hunter’s moon.” Having nothing to do with color, the “blue moon” title is given to the 3rd full moon in a given season that has four (most seasons just have three). These names likely derived from the Native Americans and are used in the Farmer’s Almanac as well as by the Boy Scouts. The “pink moon,” referring to the full moon that happens each April, inspired this latest MoonSwatch release.

Swatch x Omega MoonSwatch Mission to the Moon Pink 2
Photo: OMEGA | Swatch

For the Pink Full Moon variant, the tip of the gold seconds hand has been given a pink-colored lume to contrast the black dial and bezel. Each watch comes with a certificate that states that these specific models were produced under the actual pink moon this past April. The rest of the timepiece features the same exact specs as the previous Mission to Moonshine Gold chronograph, including the Bioceramic case, black bezel and dial, and black strap.

Who’s to say when MoonSwatch Mania will end, or if OMEGA and Swatch will continue to make new variants for each full moon? For right now, you can grab the Mission to Moonshine Gold: Pink Full Moon at one of 19 locations worldwide for just $285.