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Zenvo’s Aurora Is an 1,850-HP Hybrid V12-Powered Hypercar

Zenvo Automotive Aurora Hypercar 0 Hero
Photos: Zenvo Automotive

When exotic marques are looking to develop a new ultra-high-performance super or hypercar, they have numerous options for creating powerful engines that will deliver world-class acceleration and top speed capabilities, such as utilizing V-12 mills, installing multiple turbochargers, or adding hybrid electric motor systems. For its latest vehicular offering, however, boutique Danish outfit Zenvo Automotive has opted to go with all of the above, giving way to the quad-turbo hybrid V12-powered Zenvo Aurora. 

Zenvo Automotive Aurora Hypercar 1
Photo: Zenvo Automotive

The Zenvo Aurora is constructed around what’s been dubbed the ZM1 modular monocoque design which the auto marque developed alongside the carbon structure specialists at Managing Composites. Equipped with carbon composite exposed subframes, this monolithic composite structure has been paired with a push-rod suspension setup out front and a double-wishbone unit in the rear. Riding on bespoke center-locking magnesium wheels with custom carbon ceramic brakes, the entire vehicle comes cloaked in carbon fiber bodywork that sports a pronounced aero kit that generates an enormous amount of downforce.

Zenvo Automotive Aurora Hypercar 2
Photo: Zenvo Automotive

 Produced in two versions — the touring and road-focused Aurora Tur and the markedly more aggressive-looking, track-bred Aurora Agil (seen here) — the Aurora is powered by a quad-turbocharged 6.6-liter V-12 engine with a 149-kW (200-hp) electric motor helping along the whole system and enabling it to produce a collective 1,450hp. Developed in collaboration with MAHLE Powertrain, this hybrid forced induction twelve-banger revs at up to almost 10,000rpm. All 1,450 horse are sent to the Aurora Agil’s rear wheels, propelling it to a 226.8-mph top speed, 0-60mph in 2.5 seconds, 0-125 in 4.6, and 0-186 in 10 seconds flat. The Aurora Tur, on the other hand, largely uses the same powertrain as the Agil, only both of its front wheels have been fitted with additional 149-kW (200-hp) electric motors — a change that unlocks all-wheel-drive along with a collective 1,850hp and 1,253ft-lbs, resulting in a top speed of 280mph, and an even more impressive 0-60mph time of 2.3-seconds, a 0-186mph time of 9-seconds, and the ability to reach 250mph from a complete standstill in 17 seconds flat. The all-wheel drive Tur-spec is also slightly heavier than its Agil counterpart at 3,197lbs versus the Agil’s 2,866lb weight.

Zenvo Automotive Aurora Hypercar 3
Photo: Zenvo Automotive

Limited to 100 units combined — 50 of each — the 2024 Zenvo Automotive Aurora Tur and Aurora Agil Hypercars are available for order now, with pricing starting from an eye-watering €2,590,000 (~ $2,822,100).