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Tlibekua Design’s Miata Speedster Concept Render Is Actually Getting Built

Photos: XENEX Motorsports

In late 2020, Los Angeles-based automotive concept artist Kasim Tlibekua of Tlibekua Design unveiled a digital render of a first-generation Mazda Miata-based speedster concept. The renders received ample attention online, going somewhat viral in the automotive community, and ultimately catching the attention of XENEX Motorsport founder Kim Petersen, who, after falling in love with the renders, contacted Kasim to propose a partnership that would see his Miata speedster concept brought to life as an actual bodykit. 

Photo: XENEX Motorsports

Based on and compatible with first-gen MX-5 models (made from 1990 through 1997), the kit is known as the MX Speedster and is an open-top design with massively flared fenders, speedster-style humps behind the headrests, a completely redesigned front-end, and new integrated LED strip head and tail lights. The entire project starts with the team at XENEX stripping down the popular true driver’s car and removing nearly 250lbs of weight, before building the vehicle back up with a custom speedster-style bodywork kit. The MX Speedster is also being offered with optional competition Wilwood brakes, a track-ready suspension setup, and available 17” wheels. 

Photo: XENEX Motorsports

For customers interested in more power than the MX-5 donor’s engine has to offer, XENEX Motorsports is also selling a MX Speedster S variant that benefits from a bespoke high-performance supercharger kit that was created through a partnership with Fastforward Superchargers and brings the Mazda’s output up to around 200hp — all while tipping the scales at less than one ton. For the most demanding drivers, the company is also offering the MX Speedster RS, which includes the full body kit, plus sees donor car’s 1.6-liter engine jettisoned in favor of an LS V8 crate engine that makes more than 350hp — and results in a wildly impressive power-to-weight ratio.

Photo: XENEX Motorsports

Expected to start at around $12,000, the XENEX Motorsports MX Speedster RS body kit will be available for order in early February of 2023.