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The Japanese X-Cabin 300 is a Lightweight, Airstream-Inspired Camper

X Cabin 300 Camper 0 Hero
Photos: X-Camper

Camping season is in full swing, and with today’s tech, there’s no shortage of gear to make your trip as comfortable as possible (while still adventurous). The Japanese camper manufacturer X-Cabin is a sublabel of the LED lighting experts at Effect Meiji Corporation, and it’s still very young, only starting back in 2020. The company is located in Nagoya City, an industrial part of Japan that’s key to the country’s automotive industry, and the team’s love of camping and industrial roots shines through in the recently announced X-Cabin 300 camper. 

X Cabin 300 Camper 1
Photo: X-Camper

This steel camper is 15 feet long, 7 feet wide, and around 7 feet high, with a sleek silvery body that’s very reminiscent of the classic Airstreams. It has a galvanized steel chassis and marine-grade stainless steel parts, and comes in at around 1,600 pounds, making it considerably lightweight for a camper. Inside, the trailer has an uninterruptable power supply to power the lights and AC, and a dinette that can convert into a bed. 

X Cabin 300 Camper 2
Photo: X-Camper

Alongside the base model X-Cabin 300, the Glamp, Solo, and FT (Food Truck) versions are also available if you have different needs. The Glamp layout comes with a convertible-style dinette and fold-out bed, the Solo gives you a bigger bed, and the FT has a more conducive layout for selling food. You also have the choice between a tailgate or double doors on the back of the camper. Below, you can see it being towed by a kitted Suzuki Jimny (AKA “Little D”).

X Cabin 300 Camper 3
Photo: X-Camper

The X-Cabin 300 base layout starts at ¥5.8 million ($39,400), the Glamp starts at ¥6.2 million ($42,100), the FT starts at ¥4.62 million (~$31,350), and the Solo starts at  ¥7.2 million ($48,800). For overseas sales, the company exports assembly kits in containers, and it’s €15,500 (~$16,630) per unit if you purchase three units or €14,500 (~$15,550) per unit if you purchase nine.