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U-Boat Worx’s NEXUS Submersible Is the Fastest on the Market

You don’t have to be Jacques Cousteau or James Cameron — or even Steve Zissou — to explore the depths of the ocean via underwater submersible anymore. The Netherlands-based aquatic company U-Boat Worx has not only made exploring 200-meter depths more mainstream since it began in 2005, but also more leisurely.

With over 20 models to choose from, the company’s latest, the NEXUS, is its most innovative and high-end yet. With an amazing field of view, the submersible can traverse depths up to 200m, features a seamless elliptical window made up of three parts, and can hold 7 to 9 passengers. Where the pilot has a fixed seat in the middle, the seats on either side revolve so that every passenger can experience the clarity of the ocean from different vantage points and in extremely comfortable seats. Much like the brand’s Cruise Sub 7, the NEXUS allows for between 900L and 914L of space per person with plenty of legroom.

Distortion through the curved window is minimized due to the thickness transition between the different sections of the view port. The NEXUS is also optimized for safety with maximum depth protection that prevents the pilot from exceeding the threshold and a deadman’s switch that automatically resurfaces the pod if unacknowledged for 10 minutes. Additionally, all ages and abilities can get in and out with ease thanks to the largest hatch in the industry and the optional inclusion of a lift elevator.

The NEXUS is also the fastest multi-passenger submersible on the market with speeds up to 3 knots and is powered by a 62kWh battery that lasts up to 18 hours. For more information on this model, visit U-Boat Worx’s website.

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