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This Revolutionary Helmet Was Designed Specifically For Modern E-Bikes

Virgo E Bike Helmet 00 Hero
Photos: Virgo | THE BEAM

Over the last decade, the pedal-assisted ebike market has absolutely exploded in popularity, a trend that’s ultimately given way to an ever-increasing number of ever-more capable — and ever-faster — motor-assisted bicycles. Despite the fact that many of these two-wheelers are capable of delivering 20-30-mph speeds — markedly greater velocities than those experienced on regular bikes — the safety technology used to protect ebike riders has evolved very little, with the current options on the market consisting of either plain old bicycle helmets or full-on motorcycle lids. Recognizing this reality, Parisian startup THE BEAM has set out to fill in the gap in the market with its new e-bike-specific helmet, the Virgo. 

Virgo E Bike Helmet 01
Photo: Virgo | THE BEAM

The Virgo is constructed around a polycarbonate shell lined with multiple layers of expanded polystyrene core foam. More importantly, the Virgo comes backed by the cutting-edge Mips system — a revolutionary impact absorption setup found on many motorcycle helmets. Offered in white, black, or sand color options, the Virgo helmet’s shell also sports a moto lid-style chin bar and a rotative switchable front visor that protects its wearer’s entire face instead of the regular skull and crown coverage afforded by typical bicycle helmets. 

Virgo E Bike Helmet 02
Photo: Virgo | THE BEAM

In addition to being produced in multiple tints and color options, the Virgo helmet’s rotative switchable front visor is also swappable. The shell also comes outfitted with more than half a dozen ventilation ports. On top of offering markedly greater protection for cyclists — especially in the event of a high-speed crash — the Virgo is made all the more noteworthy by the fact that it tips the scales at between 1.3lbs and 1.4lbs — giving it about half the weight of even the most lightweight full-face motorcycle helmets. What’s more, the back of the Virgo is also capped off with a removable LED taillight that magnetically attaches to the helmet. Cut-outs over the ears also allow the wearer to more easily hear their surroundings.

Virgo E Bike Helmet 03
Photo: Virgo | THE BEAM

Having already met its funding goal more than ten times over, THE BEAM’s Virgo E-Bike Helmet is currently available for backing on Kickstarter, with early-bird pricing for the lid starting at €90 ($97), with deliveries scheduled to begin in August.