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This Canadian Builder Is Pushing the 1:24 Scale Vehicle Modeling Envelope

Photos: Stoke Models | Martin Aveyard

While scale vehicle model kits have existed for decades, it wasn’t until recent years that the industry has been reinvigorated with a handful of insanely-talented modelers that are bestowing kits with ultra-lifelike details before capturing them using professional photography. And while we’ve already seen outfits like kota scale model, Scale-a-ton, and AKIRA STUDIO raise the bar in the scale model space, the latest modeler to catch our eye is Martin Aveyard of Stoke Models.

Like other prominent modelers, Stoke’s work is comprised of a combination of off-the-shelf kits and parts with custom-made — often 3D-printed — components, all of which are then meticulously painted by hand in order to bring out the most lifelike details possible. Working in 1:24 scale, Stokes’ builds have included everything from slammed widebody vintage models to modified custom motorcycles to off-road safari builds. Stoke’s projects hugely benefit from equally realistic settings and environments in which its 1:24 scale cars are photographed.

Stoke Models’ latest project sees the builder revisit an early work. Taking an Aoshima model kit of a Lamborghini Countach QV5000, Stoke originally lowered the 1:24 scale Lambo before bestowing it with a custom exposed twin-turbo and quad-exhaust setup and a set of bespoke 3D-printed deep-dish wheels. Most recently, the Countach has been dropped in a one-off gas station model in order to create what’s almost certainly Stoke’s most ambitious — and noteworthy — project to date. And, like the rest of Stoke Model’s builds — some of which have won awards — his latest work could easily pass for an actual full-size car in photos… if it weren’t for the inclusion of a human hand.

As of the time of writing, Aveyard isn’t accepting orders or commissions — making it all the more impressive that his world-class work is driven purely by his own passion for modeling. And, based on the ever-more-stellar work Stoke Models has delivered, we genuinely can’t wait to see what Aveyard whips up next.

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Photo: Stoke Models | Martin Aveyard
Photo: Stoke Models | Martin Aveyard
Photo: Stoke Models | Martin Aveyard