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Roofnest Debuts Its First-Ever Soft-Shelled Rooftop Tent

Photo: Roofnest

Camping has long been associated with sleeping on the ground. After all, it’s the most literal way to get close to Mother Earth. However, regardless of modern-day options like cots and inflatable mattresses, there are several reasons why a quality rooftop tent is still preferred by most outdoorsmen. For one, it offers you evasion of water leakage and critter invasion, but also provides a heightened vantage point for stargazing and the like.

One of the leaders in the rooftop tent space is Roofnest. The Colorado-based company knows a thing or two about sleeping on top of our cars. It lays claim to arguably the most impressive line of rooftop sleepers with its ornithologically-inspired hard-shell tents such as the Condor and the Falcon. Now, Roofnest has unveiled its first-ever soft-shelled tent: the Meadowlark. While hard-shell options are the sturdiest way to go, they also cost up to three or four times more than their softer counterparts.

The Meadowlark boasts a 600D Poly-Oxford waterproof construction with PVC coating to weigh just 90lbs for an incredibly easy fold-out setup that takes less than a minute. At 3,400sq.ft and 46” tall on the inside, it sleeps two adults comfortably, with a low enough profile to withstand strong winds. Additionally, the crossbars underneath extend past the tent itself to hold other equipment such as a bicycle.

Coming with a 7.5-foot telescopic ladder, the Roofnest Meadowlark is perfect for any size car. It’s currently available to pre-order at $200 off the $1,595 price tag and is expected to ship in late October.

Purchase: $1,395