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Ram Rolls Out the Tech-Laden 1500 Revolution BEV Electric Pickup Truck

Photos: Ram | Stellantis

While the pickup segment was one of the last genres of automobiles to begin adopting EV technology, the shift is now in full swing as practically every major name in the pickup truck space has begun working on its own respective proton-powered workhorse. And the latest company to show off its conceptual take on an EV truck and give a sneak peak of what its EV model will have in store is Ram, which has just pulled the cover off of the all-new Ram 1500 Revolution BEV Concept. 

Photo: Ram | Stellantis

Putting an unmistakably futuristic spin on Ram’s existing design language, the 1500 Revolution BEV Concept is based on the Ram’s STLA Frame platform and features a body-on-frame design that was engineered with a focus on efficiently integrating its battery pack. Sending power to an advanced all-wheel-drive system are two electric drive modules — one of which is mounted towards the front of the truck while the other is positioned towards the rear. Ram has yet to reveal the truck’s range, outside of stating that approximately 10 minutes of 800-volt DC fast charging — at up to 350 kW — affords 100 miles of autonomy. 

Photo: Ram | Stellantis

Absolutely brimming with cutting-edge technology, the concept sports digital side-view mirrors, an Advanced Augmented Reality Heads-up Display, a main digital display supplemented via an adjustable and removable lower display, Level 3+ autonomous driving capabilities, multiple built-in projectors, an advanced camera and sensor system, and a voice-activated Shadow Mode that enables the truck to automatically follow the driver while they walk ahead of the vehicle. The Ram 1500 Revolution BEV Concept also boasts adjustable air suspension with a trio of modes — ingress/egress, aero, and off-road — plus self-leveling capabilities and four-wheel steering with up to 15 degrees of articulation. The truck also features 24” wheels wrapped in 35” tires, a powered front trunk with pass-through storage into the cabin, powered steps, an extendable bed, a power multifunction tailgate, and a larger RamBox. 

Photo: Ram | Stellantis

While pricing and full specs have yet to be revealed, the company has stated that the Ram 1500 BEV is scheduled to enter production in 2024.