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Pave Motors Puts a Sleek Spin On Urban-Focused 2-Wheelers With the BK E-Bike

Pave BK EBike 0 Hero
Photos: Pave Motors

In recent years, the line between motorcycles and bicycles has become increasingly blurred, as a host of both established players and startups introduce a growing number of power-assisted two-wheelers that offer the best of both worlds. And while standard ebikes have admittedly become a dime a dozen, there are occasionally novel models that stand out from the crowd and manage to catch our attention, such as Pave Motors’ all-new BK E-Bike. 

Pave BK EBike 1
Photo: Pave Motors

Initially unveiled approximately two years ago, Pave Motors’ BK model has spent the intervening time being further developed and refined, and is now finally slated to enter production. Equivalent to a 49cc moped or scooter, the BK is powered by a brushless 3,000-watt (4hp) in-hub DC motor that allows for a top speed of 30mph — as well as an output of 110ft-lbs of torque. The motor draws from a removable 1.85kWh 21,700-cell Lithium-ion battery that affords a range of 50 miles per charge. What’s more, the 50.4V battery is also capable of receiving a 0-80% recharge in only 1 hour using a standard home outlet.  

Pave BK EBike 2
Photo: Pave Motors

Constructed around an advanced aircraft-grade aluminum chassis, this fully-electric two-wheeler comes loaded with hydraulic brakes with regenerative braking. On top of GPS, BLE, and connectivity to a dedicated smartphone app, the BK also boasts an advanced blockchain-secured digital key system as well as the ability to receive over-the-air updates. Weighing only 101lbs, the BK also features a trio of ride modes (ECO, Normal, Sport), 14” wheels, an inverted fork, a PU foam seat trimmed in vinyl, and an LCD display sitting just beneath a handlebar-mounted smartphones holder. Made in New York, the BK is also two-up-friendly and can carry both a rider and a passenger. 

Pave BK EBike 3
Photo: Pave Motors

Priced starting at $6,900, the Pave Motors BK E-Bike is available for preorder now, with deliveries scheduled to begin in July of 2023.