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Oryx Platform’s Sleep System Is a ‘Foldout Couch for Overlanding’

Photo: Oryx Platform

As one of the best-selling 4x4s in the U.S., the Jeep Wrangler has served as an emblematic American vehicle dating back to its WWII origins. In fact, it’s such an icon that a Colorado-based startup is looking to bolster its backseat for camping purposes. Thanks to Oryx Platform’s Wrangler-specific Sleep System, outdoor enthusiasts won’t have to worry about having to climb up into rooftop tents for much longer.

Oryx has come up with a unique foldout couch mechanism that grants Wrangler owners the luxury of sleeping in a comfortable bed when needed, though it can be folded back up when in need of additional space. When reclining the front seats and removing the rear seats, Oryx’s two-door-appropriate platform measures 5’10” wide with enough space for two inside the safety of your Jeep. At your convenience, it can be deployed in less than a single minute.

Additional elements available for purchase are an air-sprung hatch door and assisted lift mechanism, making it much easier to adjust your sleeping arrangements on the fly. Oryx Platform describes its product as a “foldout couch for overlanding” that was designed and tested “by Jeep people, for Jeep people.” In other words, these guys have a passion for the product they’ve created and they know what they’re doing.

The brand’s initial offering, the JK 2-DR, is built to operate seamlessly with two-door Wranglers manufactured between 2007 and 2017; however, Oryx is currently beta testing a configuration intended for 4-door Wrangler models released between 2018-2021. Oryx Platform’s 2DR JK sleep system is now available to order on the brand’s site, starting from $650.

Purchase: $650+

Photo: Oryx Platform
Photo: Oryx Platform