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Mitsubishi Unleashes a Rugged Off-Road Delica Concept with Ralliart Influences

Mitsubishi may not be a name that’s commonly associated with the camper or off-roading space, but from the looks of its latest unveiling of concept cars, that may be changing. While the Japanese automaker has created several different SUVs, its Delica van is really the only well-known off-roading vehicle in the marque’s catalog. The iconic van has seen a variety of forms since its birth in 1968, but none come close to the ruggedness or utility that Mitsu’s latest concept, the Delica D:5 Tough x Tough, brings to the table.

When tough is in your name not once, but twice, you better have the goods. Thankfully, it seems that the Delica D:5 Tough x Tough does. If you’re expecting this concept to be like the current D:5, then you’re in for a huge surprise, literally. The new Delica concept looks like it’s ready to tackle the great outdoors and a Special Operations mission, coming fully integrated with aftermarket parts and Ralliart accessories. Mitsubishi explicitly stated that it was aiming for a tough-looking SUV, and boy did it hit the mark. Sporting a stylish, matte black exterior with contrasting red accents, this rough-and-tumble off-road van is equipped with a grille and fender garnish and fog lights to explore all things off-road. Better yet, Mitsubishi outfitted this Delica concept with modified shock absorbers, springs, 16-inch alloy wheels, all-terrain tires, front and rear bumper guards, and mud flaps to not only hammer home its off-road look but also its off-road capabilities. Even better, the Tough x Tough includes a roof carrier, a rooftop tent, and even a sleeping pad that allows you to fold back the second and third-row seats for a comfortable sleeping arrangement.

In the same unveiling — a preview of the brand’s offerings at the upcoming Tokyo Auto Salon — Mitsubishi also announced three other Ralliart-inspired SUVs, an all-electric Kei car to bolster its EV lineup, and even the Minicab-MiEV B-Leisure Style, an electric commercial vehicle made for solo camping. Mitsubishi has yet to announce pricing or if they’ll even make the Delica D:5 Tough x Tough, but we’ll likely find out more information when it debuts at the Salon.

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Photo: Mitsubishi