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Mercedes-Benz Takes Aim At Tesla with the 620-Mile VISION EQXX EV Concept

Photos: Mercedes-Benz AG

Like it or not, electric vehicles undoubtedly represent the future of transportation. And while it’s been easy to design and engineer short-range mobility solutions, the same can’t be said for machines built for long-distance travel. The team over at Daimler AG and Mercedes-Benz AG are aiming to change this, however, with the unveiling of a new concept halo car that thoroughly pushes the EV envelope in a myriad of key areas.

Focusing largely on range and efficiency — through the optimization of areas such as rolling resistance and drag coefficients, the minimization of weight, and an increasingly potent drivetrain — the software-driven, road-legal concept car was developed by a combination of engineers from Mercedes’ Formula 1 and Formula E programs in collaboration with the world’s fastest race lab at High Performance Powertrains. Christened the VISION EQXX, the electric concept car packs nearly 100 kWh of energy, while still boasting 50% less volume and 30% less weight than the company’s previous EQS project. Between this and a wildly impressive 95% efficiency from the 150kW (201hp) powertrain’s battery to wheels, the VISION EQXX affords a range of 1,000km (621 miles), translating to an efficiency rating of 6 miles per kilowatt-hour. Representing the most efficient vehicle Mercedes-Benz has ever built, the concept is also partially constructed using 3D printing as well as recycled and plant-based materials. In addition to its super slippery 0.175 drag coefficient, the speed tail-inspired concept also sports a slew of advanced weight-saving measures such as a custom EV-specific, F1-derived chassis and subframe, ultra-thin roof panels capable of partially recharging the car’s batteries, lightweight aluminum braking rotors, and magnesium wheels shod in ultra-low-rolling-resistance tires with optimized aerodynamic geometry — features that collectively allow for a curb weight of just 3,858lbs. The car has also been bestowed with an ultra-state-of-the-art intelligent user interface and user experience with a guidance system that was designed especially for the VISION EQXX project.

The VISION EQXX very clearly demonstrates both Mercedes-Benz’s commitment to a greener future, as well as its aim of becoming what the marque describes as “an all-electric and software-driven company.” And while the German automaker has no plans of putting the concept into production, the innovative features it possesses will almost certainly be appearing on MB production models in the coming years.

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Photo: Mercedes-Benz AG
Photo: Mercedes-Benz AG
Photo: Mercedes-Benz AG