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Maturo’s Lancia Delta ‘Stradale’ Is a Limited Edition 400-HP Carbon-Bodied Restomod

Maturo Lancia Delta Integrale Stradale Restomod 0 Hero
Photos: Maturo Cars

While cutting up and irreversibly modifying an original Lancia Delta Integrale would typically be viewed by many automotive enthusiasts as objectively sacrilegious, Maturo Cars isn’t your typical shop, and its Stradale model isn’t your typical restomod. After an extensive development cycle — and an initial teaser that broke cover around this same time last year — the Dutch shop has now finally fully unveiled its highly-anticipated Lancia Delta Integrale Stradale Restomod.

Maturo Lancia Delta Integrale Stradale Restomod 1
Photo: Maturo Cars

Each build begins with an elaborate five-step chassis refurbishment and modification process that requires between 300 and 500 hours of expert labor — depending on the state of the donor’s frame. Heavily reinforced via over 250 newly-re-welded points plus a slew of Domex plating inserts, this bespoke frame features a custom-designed integrated roll-cage and a special epoxy primer coating. Under the hood, the Delta now packs a 2.0-liter inline-four that’s been upgraded to full WRC Group A spec. Now sending 400hp and 398ft-lbs of torque to a permanent four-wheel drive system, this four-banger benefits from an in-house developed ECU, upgraded cams, pistons, con-rods, and cylinder head, and a strengthened rally Group N spec five-speed manual gearbox with a racing clutch — the latter of which has a billet aluminum housing and can be upgraded to an optional Dog-Leg gearbox with straight-toothed gears. 

Maturo Lancia Delta Integrale Stradale Restomod 2
Photo: Maturo Cars

In place of the vehicle’s stock bodywork is a custom set of all carbon fiber bodywork with a lightly revised aero package that includes a deployable rear wing — a suite of bodywork that shaves around 110lbs off of the donor car’s curb weight. In total, the restomod now weighs in at just 2,670lbs — or 2,579lbs with Maturo’s available Corse package. Developed in collaboration with Intrax, the Stradale’s suspension has been completely reworked and now features a state-of-the-art setup that’s electronically-adjustable for high-speed compression, low-speed compression, rebound, and travel. The entire car rides on a set of reinforced  17” Evo Corse forged alloy wheels fitted with Maturo-developed 7075 aluminum billet brake calipers. Brimming with anodized aluminum and carbon fiber trim elements, the interior of the car also benefits from a complete reworking, with the cabin now sporting carbon fiber bucket seats, a Bluetooth Wireless speaker system, a solid aluminum handbrake, a Group A rally steering wheel, bespoke Maturo instrumentation, and the buyer’s choice of leather or Alcantara upholstery. 

Maturo Lancia Delta Integrale Stradale Restomod 3
Photo: Maturo Cars

While pricing for the Maturo Cars Lancia Delta Integrale Stradale Restomod has yet to be revealed, the Dutch outfit has confirmed that production will be limited to only 10 units worldwide. For more information on the restomod — or to potentially become one of the ten lucky individuals to add one of these cars to their stable — interested parties can visit the shop’s site. Maturo will also be building Rally and Classic versions of its Lancia Delta restomod.