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Marchi Mobile’s Ritzy Palazzo Superior Trailer Is a Luxury Hotel on Wheels

The difference between camping and “glamping” has been well-documented in recent years, especially with so many looking for a way to keep things as comfortable as possible when on the trails or the open road. In a successful attempt of adhering to the latter, Marchi Mobile has developed a kitted-out motorhome that you simply must see to believe.

The Austrian manufacturer’s EleMMent Palazzo Superior boasts amenities akin to those you may see at a five-star hotel, highlighted by a rooftop lounge equipped with a bar, heated floors, and a sound system courtesy of Steinway & Lyngdorf. Plus, for entertainment’s sake, it features a pair of 42″ LED televisions. Seeing as this literal truckload of features must take up a solid amount of room, the swanky, two-story RV boasts a whopping 732 square feet of space throughout its interior.

Moving on to its other amenities, the bathroom practically doubles as a spa, consisting of a serene glazed rainfall shower. Neighboring the spa is the master bedroom, which comes equipped with a king-sized bed supplied by the very same manufacturers who provide bedding for the British royal family. The EleMMent Palazzo Superior measures 45′ long, 8′ wide, and up to 20′ tall when accounting for its roof deck. For enhanced performance, it is powered by a Volvo inline-six- engine making, checks notes, up to 600hp.

While neither pricing nor availability has been formally announced, we can expect Marchi Mobile’s gorgeous trailer to boast quite a hefty price tag. In the meantime, though, feel free to take a deeper look at the EleMMent Palazzo Superior on the brand’s website.

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Photo: Marchi Mobile
Photo: Marchi Mobile
Photo: Marchi Mobile