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Meet the Imagined Angular Future of Jeep’s Trail-Rated Electric Trucks

Photos: Amigo Design

While Jeep undeniably offers some of the most off-road capable production vehicles available, the appearance of the marque’s lineup has always been steeped in tradition, with practically every model in the company’s range paying homage to the original Jeep CJ-2A from 1945. Recognizing this, Germany-based product design engineer Aitor Amigo López of Amigo Design has imagined a futuristic Jeep model with a visual theme that’s as contemporary and cutting-edge as its performance capabilities, resulting in what López has simply dubbed the “Jeep Pickup Concept.”

Drawing inspiration from Ultra4 racers and side-by-sides, the Jeep Pickup Concept features an ultra-sleek bodywork design with massively flared fenders to accommodate an off-road wheel set shod in beefy Bridgestone Potenza tires and a front-end with an ultra-modern take on Jeep’s iconic seven-slot grille design. The rugged and thoroughly reinforced chassis of the concept also sports a pair of exposed pillars capping off both sides of the truck’s bed.

Interestingly, the lack of any exhaust — and what appears to be a rear-mounted electric motor —also points to the concept being of the EV variety. Other noteworthy additions to the render include a hardcore, lifted, off-road suspension package, disc brakes, origami-esque doors, exposed carbon fiber wheel wells and undercarriage, and Cyberpunk-style LED strip head and tail lights.

Based on this striking Jeep Concept design — and the absolutely stellar Cybertruck-inspired hypercar that Amigo Design recently unveiled — Aitor Amigo López is quickly becoming one of our favorite concept artists working today. And, based on the skill and creativity exhibited by his existing renders, we’re extremely excited to see what the talented designer whips up next.

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Photo: Amigo Design
Photo: Amigo Design
Photo: Amigo Design