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This Billion-Dollar 220-Meter Gigayacht Houses Dozens Of Luxury Vehicles & Toys

G QUEST Goliath Series Gigayacht By Steve Kozloff 0 Hero
Photos: Steve Kozloff Designs

The son of a renowned nautical engineer, designer, and racer, Steve Kozloff is a talented concept artist and designer with more than half a century of experience penning mega luxury yacht concepts. For Kozloff’s latest project, he has rendered an enormous gigayacht known as the G-QUEST Goliath Series. 

G QUEST Goliath Series Gigayacht By Steve Kozloff 1
Photo: Steve Kozloff Designs

Spanning 220 meters in total and boasting a beam of 30 meters, the G-QUEST is constructed around a steel hull and an aluminum superstructure. Estimated to cost around $1,000,000,000 if actually built, the ship is powered by a quad Azimuth thruster propulsion system that generates 20,000hp, is capable of running off of several different types of green fuel, achieving a top speed of 20 knots, and offering a range of over 20,000 nautical miles. Containing just about every type of vehicle and toy imaginable, the G-QUEST Series ship sports half a dozen onboard fast electric hydro-foil tenders, a four-rotor e-Vetol SSAL short-range quadcopter, a garage for housing two full-size SUVs, a wet port-equipped garage for housing and launching a U-Worx submersible, a trio of fully electric jet-skis, an aircraft hangar for two Sikorsky S-92 VIP helicopters, and an electric ship to shore landing craft for hauling motor vehicles and other larger pieces of cargo on and off of the ship.

G QUEST Goliath Series Gigayacht By Steve Kozloff 2
Photo: Steve Kozloff Designs

Accommodations on the 220-meter vessel include a whopping 18 VIP cabins with full bathrooms and dressing rooms and an enormous full-beam master suite that boasts its own private deck and pool, as well as a myriad of other guest cabins, and the necessary quarters to accommodate the massive staff and crew needed to operate the ship — including doctor and scientist accommodations. The gigayacht also boasts a beach club at the stern of the ship, two massive dining rooms, a Turkish bath, three Heated pools with automatic self-cleaning systems, and a full exercise center plus a martial arts and yoga studio. Other impressive amenities include a  20-seat movie theater, a complete onboard dive center with a decompression chamber, a large salon, fire control and suppression systems, armored windows, multiple elevators, two exterior cranes for loading and offloading cargo, an office equipped with a suite of the latest communication technologies and devices, anti-terrorism and pirate systems, and warehouse storage spaces equipped with hydrogen forklifts. 

G QUEST Goliath Series Gigayacht By Steve Kozloff 3
Photo: Steve Kozloff Designs

While Steve Kozloff’s G-QUEST Goliath Series Gigayacht merely exists as a one-off concept, the vessel nonetheless demonstrates what’s possible when enough time, effort, resources, and money is dedicated — and enough imagination is used.