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This 800-HP+ American-Made Track Weapon Was Inspired By 1960s Le Mans Racers

Photos: Fields Auto Works

Founded by Rob Fields in 2017, Fields Auto Works is a Columbus-based company that specializes in designing and building sports and track-car chassis packages. Harnessing its team’s experience working on championship-winning Can-Am and IndyCar squads, the Ohio outfit’s first car, the Cardinal, was a more value-focused, albeit thoroughly high-performance retro-inspired machine. Half a dozen years after the company’s launch, and Fields Auto Works has now revealed its second purpose-built track weapon with the all-new Scioto Coupe.

Photo: Fields Auto Works

Utilizing a modular design that makes for easy repair and servicing, the Scioto Coupe is constructed around a semi-monocoque chassis with an integrated roll cage. Spanning 180” in total, the track-only car uses a bonded panel space frame construction and comes draped in ultralight ultra-low-drag fiberglass bodywork that takes ample inspiration from 1960s endurance racers — namely the Ford GT-40 (albeit with a long-tail rear-end and Panoz Esperante-esque headlights). Weighing only 1,900lbs at the curb, the vehicle cones outfitted with a suspension that’s comprised of an adjustable pull-rod-actuated independent setup with double A-arms and adjustable motorsport-grade coil-overs. Equipped with adjustable bias, braking hardware on the Scioto comes in the form of quad-piston calipers biting down on two-piece vented rotors. 

Photo: Fields Auto Works

Boasting a mid-engine layout, a six-speed manual or sequential transmission, and a rear-wheel-drive setup, the car doesn’t actually come with an engine, giving buyer’s an enormous choice of American, Italian, and German-made V8, V10, and V12 mills. With that said, the Scioto is rated to offer a power-to-weight ratio of over 2.5lbs-per-horsepower, and has been engineered to handle more than 800hp. Riding on 18” wheels shod in competition-spec tires — though also offered with an optional 19” wheel upgrade — the Scioto Coupe features a 100” wheelbase, a 44” height, and a width of 72”. The interior of Fields Auto Works’ latest offering comes loaded with composite sports seats with molded inserts and six-point harnesses, an adjustable steering column and pedal set, an integrated fire suppression system, and a race steering wheel set in front of a 6” motorsport display. 

Photo: Fields Auto Works

Starting at $115,000 — not including the engine — the Fields Auto Works Scioto Coupe is available for preorder now, with deliveries scheduled to begin in 2024.