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Daniel Arsham’s Nebula 928 Is a Y2K-Inspired Spin on Porsche’s Iconic Model

Porsche x Daniel Arsham Nebula 928 0 Hero
Photo: Porsche | Daniel Arsham

Porsche and Daniel Arsham are no strangers to one another, and the artist’s latest remarkable concept is shining, galactic proof of just that. Taking inspiration from the early 2000s, Arsham worked alongside famed vehicle designer Khyzyl Saleem and the Stuggart marque to put a purple-coated spin on Porsche’s1978 928.

Porsche x Daniel Arsham Nebula 928 1
Photo: Porsche | Daniel Arsham

Saleem helped re-design the metaball-inspired exterior, specifically its lights, side mirrors, and front and rear bumpers. Surely, this may lead you to ask what metaballs are, and to avoid giving you the full astrophysics lecture, they are basically blob-like, three-dimensional surfaces often used as a basis for digital sculpting. As made obvious by the aforementioned spoiler, additional elements included throughout the exterior stem from the 996.

Porsche x Daniel Arsham Nebula 928 2
Photo: Porsche | Daniel Arsham

And while its retro-futuristic design is already hypnotizing from the outside, its interior resembles what you’d imagine Prince’s house may have looked like, as it is drenched in nothing but purple leather and Ultrasuede, the latter being a synthetic blend of recycled-and-plant-based polyester. For extra detail, the seats even feature a unique woven material courtesy of Byborre, an Amsterdam-based leader in the world of premium textiles. Additionally, the concept’s custom steering wheel, console, vents, and speakers are finished in brushed aluminum to give it that much-needed shine. Knowing Arsham’s portfolio and how much it draws from the idea of time travel, it’s no surprise to see this remarkable concept serve as a testament to not only the future but what is being touted as a Y2K-inspired design, as well as timeless elements from Porsche’s famous models dating long before the 2000s.

Porsche x Daniel Arsham Nebula 928 3
Photo: Porsche | Daniel Arsham

Believe it or not, Arsham’s Nebula 928 concept can be witness outside of its astral render form, as it will be displayed at Porsche X’s space at SXSW in Austin, Texas, until March 19.