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This Retro-Futuristic Teardrop Camper Will Charge Your Electric Vehicle

Colorado Teardrops Boulder EV Trailer 0 Hero
Photo: Colorado Teardrops

Just because you own an electric vehicle doesn’t mean you don’t love venturing off the grid. However, unless you have a portable charging bank, it may be difficult to sustain some of those adventures for as long as you desire — especially considering that your driving range will drop as soon as you lock in your camper in the back.

Colorado Teardrops Boulder EV Trailer 1
Photo: Colorado Teardrops

Colorado Teardrops specializes in high-quality, meticulously designed tow-in campers. And now, after a series of testing and prototyping, the company has come out with the Boulder: a teardrop trailer specifically for owners of electric vehicles. Stretched to 12ft, the unit will catch your attention upon first glance, with a geometric, retro-futuristic aesthetic, equipped with porthole windows and gullwing doors. However, the 75kWh battery inside is more than enough to extend your driving range and power up any camping trip. To keep the adventure going for even longer, solar panel upgrades are available as well.

Colorado Teardrops Boulder EV Trailer 2
Photo: Colorado Teardrops

Economically arranged to fit two adults and two children, the Boulder’s insulated cabin features a queen-sized bed along with a bunk bed for younger campers. Storage has also been optimized with the inclusion of an integrated tongue box and ample compartment space in the fender, galley, and interior. Likewise, the galley in the rear can be customized for camp cooking and food prep.

Colorado Teardrops Boulder EV Trailer 3
Photo: Colorado Teardrops

Colorado Teardrops is also readying 17-foot and 27-foot options for the future, so keep a lookout for those as well. As for the Boulder, it’s currently available for customization, with prices starting at $67,000.