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Chevrolet Debuts Its Most Powerful Crate Engine Ever with Over 1,000 HP

While the automotive industry as a whole is leaning into the new EV-centric paradigm shift, there are still major players who are looking to make the most powerful cars on the market. Electric cars may become the standard in just a few years, but plenty of automakers are still in the throes of developing monster combustion engines. Chevrolet is leading that charge with their most powerful crate engine yet, the ZZ632/1000.

Chevy dubbed their newest engine “the king of performance” and described it as their “biggest, baddest crate engine” to date, and if you look at the ZZ632’s specifications, you’d see why. This behemoth crate engine is a naturally aspirated, 632-cubic-inch V8 capable of producing 1,004 hp and 876 lb-ft of torque. For those capable of quick mental conversions, that’s more than 10 liters, which explains how an NA V8 could be capable of producing such eye-popping power. Just to reiterate, the ZZ632 is that it’s able to break the 1,000 horsepower threshold without the aid of any forced induction. This Big(gest) Block revs to a maximum rpm of 7,000 but reaches its full power at 6,000 rpm. Eight port injectors with the same length, volume, and layout deliver fuel to the engine through CNC-machined high-flow aluminum cylinder heads. The design’s identical exhaust ports ensure that each of the eight cylinders produces the same power. Gearheads may recognize the design of the ZZ632’s construction as it shares a mold with Chevrolet Performance’s ZZ572 crate engines. However, the ZZ632’s castings are machined to accommodate its massive 632-cubic-inch displacement.

The American automaker made sure this high-performing, powerhouse of an engine would hold up in the real world by putting the ZZ632 in over 200 simulated drag strip passes on a dynamometer. Chevy has yet to reveal the ZZ632’s price but confirmed that it is slated for an early 2022 release.

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