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Canoo Is Building 600-HP Electric Light Tactical Vehicles For the U.S. Army

Photo: Canoo

In March of 2021,  American EV outfit Canoo unveiled a modular EV platform known as the Multi-Purpose Delivery Vehicle — or “MPDV” for short. The MPDV would garner an enormous amount of interest, including attracting the attention of the U.S. Army, which awarded Canoo a contract for the production of a lightweight military vehicle in July of 2022. Fast forward to today, and Canoo has now revealed its mil-spec concept dubbed the Light Tactical Vehicle — or “LTV.”

Based on Canoo’s existing 600-hp MPDV platform, the LTV boasts even more capable go-anywhere abilities with increased ground clearance, new off-road wheels wrapped in 32” all-terrain tires, air suspension, and a proprietary all-wheel drive system. The team at Canoo has managed to bolster the vehicle’s strength without adding extra weight by utilizing carbon Kevlar elements. 

Also offered in stealth configurations, this electric off-roader can also be converted from a pickup to a flatbed truck to a cargo vehicle thanks to its convertible flatbed platform and proprietary modular attachment system that allows its flatbed walls to be swapped out with a myriad of different mounts ranging from racks to ramps to storage boxes to tents to tactical systems. No specifics have been given on the LTV’s battery pack or range, though we anticipate figures that are close to that of the MPDV’s, which packs an 80-kWh battery pack and a roughly 200 mile range. 

While dates haven’t been announced, the Canoo Light Tactical Vehicle is slated to enter production in the coming months. Full specs will also be revealed as the LTV grows closer to production.