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Hookie Co. Debuts a Rugged Off-Road-Ready Adventure Kit For the CAKE Ösa

Photos: Hookie Co.

While most custom motorcycle shops have been slower to adopt the shift to electric bikes, Germany’s Hookie Co. has hugely embraced EV models, with the Dresden shop showing a particular affinity for the two-wheeled offerings from Sweden’s CAKE. And after previously debuting the fully-bespoke CAKE-powered Tardigrade space bike and the Ösa-based Urban and Race concepts, Hookie has once again set its sights on the Ösa, this time debuting a moto upgrade kit that transforms the utilitarian urban-focused workhorse into a ruggedized off-roader.

Known as the CAKE Ösa Adventure Series, Hookie’s latest bolt-on moto kit turns CAKE’s rolling workstation into a rally-inspired enduro capable of some light off-roading duties. Making the most of the stock Ösa’s 14″ x 4.00″ dual-sport tires, the kit is comprised of just four items — as well as a blacked-out matte paint job that the Dresden shop has treated the bike to. This includes the limited-edition ADV Long Seat that takes inspiration from MX saddles and features a one-dash-no-dash design from original military fabric stock and a top-shelf aluminum and Alcantara construction.

The kit also boasts Hookie’s own DOT Shovel — a rugged, overland-style item crafted from powder-coated aluminum. Also comprising Hookie’s CAKE Ösa Adventure Series is an ADV Storage Basket that’s made from aluminum and boasts mounting points for the QuickFist Tool Mount that allows it to accommodate Hookie’s aforementioned DOT Shovel. The most transformative component of the kit, however, is undoubtedly the ADV Headlight Unit. This item consists of a pair of ultra-low-profile, side-by-side HELLA Comet 500 lights set in a custom aluminum tubular housing and capped off with optional light covers.

Hookie Co’s CAKE Ösa Adventure Series is available now, starting at $52 for the DOT Shovel, $125 for the Storage Basket, $293 for the ADV Headlight Unit, and $346 for the ADV Long Seat — or roughly $815 for the entire kit. The CAKE Ösa (flex) also starts at $9,000 — or $10,500 for the significantly more powerful Ösa+ or the Ösa range :work models.

Purchase: $52+

Photo: Hookie Co.
Photo: Hookie Co.
Photo: Hookie Co.