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BMW Unveils the Future-Forward Vision Neue Klasse EV Concept

BMW Vision Neue Klasse 0 Hero
Photos: BMW

The introduction of the BMW Neue Klasse in the early ’60s was undoubtedly a turning point in the company’s history. This lineup, featuring the likes of the BMW 1500 and 2000, ushered in a new era of engineering excellence for the label. Notable innovations like the M10 engine, independent rear suspension, and semi-trailing arm suspension significantly improved performance and handling. And these advancements continue to influence the design and engineering of modern BMW vehicles, evidenced by the recent announcement of the BMW Vision Neue Klasse concept. This luxury EV honors the past designs of the Neue Klasse series in a sleek, modern vehicle ready for the future.  

BMW Vision Neue Klasse 1
Photo: BMW

With the BMW Vision Neue Klasse, sustainability is a key focus, as it’s built with secondary raw materials and features a fully-electric drive train using sixth-generation BMW eDrive technology. It’ll be officially debuted at the upcoming 2023 IAA Mobility International Motor Show, and according to Frank Weber (a member of BMW’s Board of Management), it offers 30 percent more range, 30 percent faster charging, and 25 percent more efficiency compared to BMW’s current EfficientDynamics tech and EV platforms. In addition to being made in a plant that doesn’t use fossil fuels, BMW is also developing new battery cells to make BMW eDrive technology more efficient. 

BMW Vision Neue Klasse 2
Photo: BMW

The BMW iDrive will also be hitting Neue Klasse models in 2025, the marque’s latest display and operating concept. This infotainment system aims to seamlessly integrate the digital with the physical, featuring a driver-oriented display and advanced voice recognition. BMW’s panoramic vision works with the intelligent personal assistant to enhance your driving experience (and match the futuristic edge of the car’s design). 

BMW Vision Neue Klasse 3
Photo: BMW

The BMW Vision Neue Klasse is just a concept car at the moment and is slated to be officially released in 2025, but we’re sure to see many ideas inspired by it in upcoming releases.